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Total Apps-Duplicates-eBooks-Themes=Under 9K Apps in App World


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Recently, we screenscraped the App World database for a project we’re working on and we came up with some interesting data. After scraping the site, we found:

Total apps; 22,715 (of that 5,150 are eBooks)

There are also duplicate apps. App World is the only portal to allow 2 vendors to use the same app name. When you subtract duplicates, you get 19,395 apps (including eBooks).

To figure out exactly how many unique apps we have in App World, we take:
19.395 unique apps
Minus 5,150 eBooks
Minus 5,574 themes
= 8671 unique apps
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Breaking Down BlackBerry App World’s 15,000+ Apps


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According to RIM’s social media team, BlackBerry App World has recently surpassed 15,000 apps. But is this number really indicative of the number of true “applications” that are in App World? Lets take a look at how the numbers break down:
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BlackBerry Cool readers get 25% off eBooks at Fictionwise


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Personally, I’ve never read an entire book on my BlackBerry, but I might just give it a try. Viigo is a part of my daily reading habits and if the font size were right, and the interface was clean, I could see myself going through a full eBook on my BlackBerry.

If you want to try it out, or you’re looking for another book, Fictionwise are offering BlackBerry Cool readers 25% off with the coupon code “blackberrycool25″ (sans quotes). The coupon is good until the 30th of November.

Some instructions from Fictionwise:

For Fictionwise.com customers, every MultiFormat (unencrypted) eBook and every Secure eReader eBook will work on your BlackBerry. When you log in to your Fictionwise.com account from your BlackBerry, note that you will only see listed those eBooks that work with eReader for BlackBerry. You will not be shown eBooks that don’t work, such as Secure Microsoft Reader eBooks, etc. If you see it on your BlackBerry, you can download and read it.

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Productivity and self-improvement apps and eBooks all on sale


The developers at S4BB are having a 50% sale on all productivity and self-improvement apps as well as their series of eBooks. There are some great deals here so take advantage before the sale ends September 16th.