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FileScout Releases Data on Downloads and Purchases by OS


The above graph shows downloads of FileScout for 45,000+ users based on OS

We had some great feedback on our post talking about whether it makes sense to develop your app for any pre-OS 5 devices. Matthias of emacberry.com and developer of FileScout was kind enough to share some data and add to the discussion.

Based on 45,000+ downloads for FileScout, it looks like OS 4.3 was really only around 40 users and 60% of users were on OS 5. There are also 2 users downloading with OS 6.1. Click through to see the rates based on actual purchases.
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Developers: Should You Support Anything Lower Than OS 5?


blackberry OS

It seems RIM doesn’t want developers making apps for anything before OS 5. With OS 5, developers can take advantage of the newer APIs that make for more elegant and engaging applications. As pointed out by Ebscer, RIM likes to point out that 90% of paid applications were downloaded by users running OS 5.0 or higher, and therefore there is really no reason to have your app running on any OS lower than 5.0. There is also a bit of a hidden agenda in telling this to developers, as RIM is trying to shed the notion that there’s fragmentation in the platform.

But should you follow and forget about old OS versions? There are still a few developers who choose to make their apps available for OS 4.5 and 4.6. Take Foursquare for example – the Foursquare app runs on devices as old as the 8700 and 8100. Ebscer on the other hand says he’s moving on and recent applications only run on OS 5.0+.

I recently got out of a meeting where we talked about what browsers to optimize for on our site. Our site gets most of its traffic from browsers with a Safari user agent, which could mean OS 6 devices as well as Mac, iPhone and Android. But there is also a heavy amount of traffic from older devices going as far back as the 8330. This got me thinking that while the vast majority of paid applications come from OS 5 devices, free apps and websites probably need to consider much older operating systems. If selling an app and making revenue is your primary goal, then consider only OS 5 and above. If building a user base and gaining critical mass is your objective, then consider older OS versions.

Do you have an app or a website? What OS versions do you take into consideration?

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Learn More About Some of the Developers Submitting to App World


app world

We’re always curious which developers are submitting a portfolio of apps to App World. In this case, we’re more concerned with apps such as a game, utility or IM client, and much less so an eBook, audio book or theme. It’s a difficult process to compile a list of popular developers because there isn’t a good way of sorting through the data to find who has submitted a large portfolio of apps. In order to do this, we’re simply starting with the developers we’re familiar with through BlackBerryCool, and doing a little searching on the side. This article will get better as more people comment their findings too, so feel free to comment the developer’s vendor page with the number of apps they’ve submitted and we’ll add them to the list. Click through to read about some interesting developers.
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Free Event Tracker App Twinkle Updated with Shortcuts and Universal Search



Twinkle is a free app that lets you set and keep track of upcoming and past events. The app will tell you how far away an event is, and allow you to add it to your BlackBerry calendar. Through your calendar, you can always get notifications of upcoming events by setting alerts, but Twinkle gives you a more visual way of seeing the events that are coming up.
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Call-A-Human App Skips Automated Messages with Customer Support


ebscer app

One of the worst parts of calling customer service is having to listen to that annoying automated message at the beginning of every call. If you live in Canada, you’ll have to listen to the language options with every call and it’s a big waste of your time. Call-A-Human helps you get straight to a real person when placing calls to customer support. This application contains will automatically call the requested company’s 800 number and then automatically rush you through the phone menus to get you talking to a real person as fast a possible.

Also worth checking out is Ebscer’s blog where you can see speed comparisons using the app.

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Translate Text to Morse Code with the Morse Code App for the Torch


morse code app

Eric at Ebscer let us know about a new app in App World called the Morse Code app. The Morse Code app lets you take your text and have it translated back to you in Morse Code. Once you press the “Play Morse Code” button, you’ll hear your text translated into an audible Morse Code Signal.

The Morse Code application is currently only for the BlackBerry Torch 9800, and can be downloaded from App World.

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