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Predicting BlackBerry 6 Adoption Rates with OS 5.0 Data


blackberry 9530
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A full year has passed since OS 5.0 was released as an upgrade for the Storm 9530. By using the download data from the popular game Pixelated I have been able to track the progress of the adoption of version 5.0 of the BlackBerry Operating System. Not only does this show the trends of the past year, but it also gives a guide to what we can expect to see in the adoption of OS 6 from in market devices such as the Bold 9700.?

While the majority of users upgraded right away (over two-thirds of all users upgraded in the first two months), the adoption rate after that was more slow and steady than anything else. After ten months the adoption rate has finally stabilized. The past three months has seen it remain just short of 90% ranging from 89.7%-89.9%, at this point there is no reason to expect much more change in this number.

Eric at Ebscer

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Get Ready for Halloween with the Jack-O-Lantern App


jack o lantern

There’s a free Halloween Jack-O-Lantern app in App World that turns your BlackBerry into a virtual Jack-O-Lantern. Why bother carving a pumpkin when you can turn on this app and leave your BlackBerry on the porch all night? Jokes.

You can change the Jack-O-Lantern’s face by sliding in different designs for the eyes, nose and mouth from the left or the right. You can also change the back color of the design by clicking on the screen. Happy Halloween everybody!

Get it in app world
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New BlackBerry Game Liar’s Dice with High Scores, Achievements and More


eric ebscer

Liar’s Dice is a new BlackBerry game, that is available today. This game is based off of the classic dice game of strategy and deception in which seeing only your own dice you must bet on the combined dice in play without getting caught in a lie. The game is popular in many different cultures and is also known by the names Perudo, Dudo, or Cachito.
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Free Event Reminder Twinkle Available in App World



This app has been out for some time now but we just wanted to call your attention to it in case you haven’t noticed. Twinkle allows you to set reminders and keep track of upcoming and past events. Twinkle will tell you how far away an event is, and allow you to add it to your calendar.

Download the free Twinkle app in App World.

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New BlackBerry Dice Game 10,000 Farkle


10,000 Farkle from Eric on Vimeo.

The developer behind some really cool BlackBerry apps including Hockey Scores and Pixelated, has recently launched a new game called 10,000 Farkle. Farkle is a popular dice game that has also been called Zonk, Zilch, 5000, 10000, Wimp Out etc. and it’s simple and fun meaning it ports really well to BlackBerry.

Points are awarded for various dice combinations and the game has 4 diferent modes:

  • 10 Turns
  • 10,000 points
  • Local player vs player
  • Versus cpu

10,000 Farkle is available for the BlackBerry Storm, Tour, Bold, and all versions of the Curve with at least OS 4.6. The full list of supported devices are the 8350i, 8520, 8530, 8900, 9000, 9500, 9520, 9530, 9550, 9630, and 9700.

10,000 Farkle is available in BlackBerry App World for $3.99.

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