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Developer Tip: Transfer RIM Signing Keys to a Mac


directory tree

Ryan sent us over a tip that could be helpful to any BlackBerry devs out there who are playing with the latest BlackBerry Java Plug-In for MacOS X. While most devs know that you can move your singing keys between PCs, it’s also possible to transfer these to a Mac. To find the files, you have to go to:

Eclipse.app > Right click > Show Package Contents

Next, navigate to:

Contents > Mac OS > Applications > BBEclipse > Plugins > net.rim.ejde > vmTools

Paste the files in here and you can now use your RIM signing keys.

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RIM Releases Java Plug-In for Eclipse on Mac OS X


mac eclipse

Yesterday, RIM released a Java plug-in for Eclipse for Mac OS X enabling developers to develop Java apps for the BlackBerry on a Mac. BlackBerry Java development on the Macintosh has been absent and developers have been asking for a solution for a long time.

The initial beta will focus on Java development for BlackBerry 6 with a tethered device debugging on the BlackBerry Torch: no simulator required.

Eclipse is a free java-based open source software development environment mostly based on plug-ins. With the exception of a small run-time kernel, all of Eclipse’s functionality relies on plug-ins. This beta has all the features of the BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse v1.1.2 including the ability to package a single app project for multiple BlackBerry devices. It also supports Eclipse project artifacts and folder structures.
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AT&T Developer Webcast Slides Show Upcoming Widget Updates


at&t widget developer slide

Jason sent us a link to a post he wrote up that includes a few slides from an AT&T developer webcast. The slides show some of the updates coming to the BlackBerry Widget SDK 1.1 as well as the web plug-ins (Eclipse and Visual Studio) which will be updated to version 2.5.

Widgets are being pushed very heavily in BlackBerry 6 and we’re going to see a great deal of news in the coming months about them. RIM is looking to attract web developers to the platform in order to address the issues that BlackBerry is a difficult platform to develop for and the need for more apps. Widgets will be essentially web apps, wrapped in a COD file so they can be loaded to a BlackBerry. More slides after the jump.
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RIM Update BlackBerry Java and Web Development Tools and SDKs


The BlackBerry Dev Blog have announced that they have new Java and Web development tools and SDKs for BlackBerry. BlackBerry Dev Blog Mike breaks down the major highlights of the update which include:

1) Hot Swap Simulator – Using the new simulators provided in the BlackBerry Java SDK v5.0, you no longer need to reset your simulator every time you update your application, which helps makes it faster and easier to write your applications.

2) Widget and Web Development Tools Together – With the new Web Development tools RIM are bringing together the BlackBerry Widget and BlackBerry Web development tools into one plug-in so that developers can easily get started using one set of common tools. This should make it easier for web developers to experiment with BlackBerry Widgets and to discover the power and capabilities of that development model.
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RIM releases new tools for developers creating web apps



RIM have announced new and improved tools for developing web applications for BlackBerry. The new tools include the BlackBerry Web Development Plug-in for Eclipse and the BlackBerry Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio version 1.2.

The BlackBerry Web Development Plug-in for Eclipse, will allow developers to create web applications and content more easily and in a familiar Eclipse 3.4 environment. This plug-in opens up more rich internet applications using AJAX, Silverlight, PHP, ASP, Ruby on Rails, JSP, and Python.

The BlackBerry Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio version 1.2, allows developers to create web apps and content whithin Visual Studio 2008. This is another tool that is going to bring more developers into the fold, allowing them to make apps running AJAX and ASP.Net.

With these tools we’ll hopefully see an increase in the number of web apps in App World. Web apps are a great way to experience content that you regularly visit on the web, but you want easy access to on your device. Get coding developers!

For more information, visit the BlackBerry Developer Zone.

RIM Eclipse plug-in released


EclipseA beta for the Eclipse plug-in spied back in February has been released at EclipseCon, and available for download over here. As discussed in a previous podcast, this move shows that RIM is trying to get cozy with the open-source crowd, which is a little odd for such a closed platform, but obviously we’ll have to wait to hear from the devs for the final verdict.