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RIM’s talk at RBC Technology, Media and Communications Conference


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So, we listened in on the talk from Edel Ebbs, RIM’s VP of Investor Relations at the RBC Technology, Media and Communications Conference today, and she had a few interesting things to say regarding the expanding consumer segment, the importance of fixed-mobile convergence, and future drivers for growth. The majority of sales still rely on hardware, but software and services revenue definitely helps. Edel went on to talk about RIM’s growing branding strategy, which we can see today in their latest advertisements showing off the BlackBerry device as an all-encompassing lifestyle choice, and is just the beginning of a bigger push in the last half of the year. That’s of course a good segue way into their consumer push…

If you’d like to hear the conference talk for yourself, head on over to RIM’s investor relations site

…otherwise, peek under the jump for the run-down.

RIM VP talking at RBC conference tomorrow, webcast available


RIMEdel Ebbs, VP of investor relations at RIM, will be talking at the RBC Technology, Media and Communications Conference in San Francisco tomorrow at 11:30 PST. After a significant build-up for the Bold and lots of other devices in the woodwork, it might be worthwhile to hear right from the horse’s mouth what all the progress means for shareholders. If it’s something you want to talk a listen in on, you can check out the webcast right over here.