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New Infinity Theme Features Concierge Style Dashboard


Infinity is a cool new theme from Elecite that looks like the screenshots of the Concierge widget service we have seen in the past. The Infinity theme acts as a dashboard for your homescreen, allowing you quick access to important apps. Infinity also features a large clock, hidden today and 5-6 customizable icons.

Check out the Infinity theme on Elecite here.

Vortex Theme with Futuristic Style and Vivid Colors


Vortex is the latest theme by Elecite and it features a very futuristic and clean design. Vortex’s icon set is very recognizable and arranged such that your most used applications are easily accessible. There is a large Today preview area and a 2-page icon sidebar. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to use a custom wallpaper with Vortex, this is a theme that comes as it is.

Other features of Vortex include;

  • 8-10 customizable icons
  • Profile icon slot
  • Massive “Today” preview area for Messages and Calendar
  • NEW Owner Name text

Check out the Vortex theme on Elecite.

Glare Theme by Elecite for the 8900 9500, 9600 and 9700


The latest theme from Elecite is called Glare and it features a hiding preview dock and Today preview of messages and calendar events. The Glare theme is very nicely designed with colorful icons and a clean interface. Glare also comes with a weather slot and 5-6 customizable icons. This theme is definitely worth checking out.

The Glare theme is available for the BlackBerry 8900, 9500, 9600 and 9700.

Gizmo Theme by Elecite With Rack System Application Access


Gizmo is a newish theme from Elecite that has their trademark futuristic look and feel, and helps you get your most used applications up-front-and-center for convenient use. The Gizmo theme organizes your applications in a rack system with each icon spaced in a slot that can be rearranged based on priority. Also, Gizmo has a customizable icon dock at the bottom with 4 customizable icons and a dedicated clock spot. This theme is also wallpaper friendly with a trigger underneath the time that closes the rack and allows for an unobstructed view of the glory you’ve downloaded to your device.

More information about the Gizmo theme available from Elecite.

Also, for all you Elecite fans, be sure to check out their Storm 3 mock up. It’s “out there” and sort of unbelievable that RIM would go with a crystal, almost concept-phone style design.

New Polygon Theme by Elecite with Honeycomb-Style Icon Placement


Elecite have an interesting new theme out called Polygon which features a red color scheme and a honeycomb-like interface. The homescreen icons are organized in a cell system, with each icon representing a category. This system gives you quick access to categories such as social, communication, media, options and more, for a grand total of 18-19 icons.

Features of the theme include:

  • 6 Customizable Icons
  • 18-19 Locked Quick-Access Icons
  • Cell System
  • Maximum Optimization to Prevent Memory Leaks
  • SVG Compression for Maximum Speed and Performance
  • HDR Image Quality for Sharp Visuals

Check out the latest theme in the BlackBerryCool Store.

Windows Phone 7 User Interface Inspired Theme by Elecite Blue7


Elecite have a new theme called Blue7, inspired by the new Windows Phone 7 interface. The latest Blue7 theme features 4 large screens for quick access. Blue7 also gives you a large time and date reference, as well as it’s designed to show off any wallpapers you may have. With 11 customizable icons, a weather slot and 15 quick access icons, Blue7 gives you quick access to everything you may need.

Check out the Blue7 theme from Elecite.