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Cool-Blue Phase Theme by Elecite Features Large Homescreen Icons


Phase is a new theme from Elecite that comes in a cool-blue color scheme. Phase features six large homescreen panels for quick access to your pics, options, browser, calendar, messages and address book. The icons are both unique are recognizable, a hard balance that any good theme needs to attain. Phase also features 9 customizable icon slots and it’s available for 4.7 and up.

Check out the latest Phase theme from Elecite.

New Elecite Theme Ember Makes Great Use of Homescreen


Elecite have launched a new theme called Ember for the Curve 8900, Bold 9000 and 9700, Storm 9500, and Tour 9600. Ember is a dark theme with 6-7 customizable icons, a weather slot, 9-11 locked “block” icons and a Today Preview area for the 8900, 9500, 9600 and 9700 devices.

Check out the Ember theme from Elecite.

Elecite Premium BlackBerry Themes on Sale for $0.99


Elecite are running a sale today in the BlackBerryCool Store featuring 10 of their premium themes at 99 cents. Some of the top themes such as Ace and Halcyon are as cheap as they’ll ever get so feel free to head into the store and browse for yourself.

Check out the big Elecite premium theme sale in the BlackBerryCool Store.

Free Premium BlackBerry Theme Clarion From Elecite


Elecite have launched a free theme called Clarion, an awesome-looking theme with a blue palette, unique layout and the ability to customize the theme for yourself. When you click on the “Customize Online” button on the theme page, you’re taken to the Genus Theme Machine where you can make changes to the theme.

Check out this awesome free theme over at Elecite.

Trace Theme From Elecite with Card-Style Icons and Weather Slot


trace theme

Elecite’s themes are great quality and Trace is no exception. Trace comes with 5 card-style icons that take over the homescreen; great for your favorite and most-used apps. The theme has a hidden Today preview area and 7-10 customizable icons on the bottom dock for your favorites. Storm users get a weather slot, so be sure to pick up a weather app such as WeatherEye.

Check out the Trace theme from Elecite.

New Elecite Theme Keen with Wallpaper Focus



Elecite’s latest theme is called Keen, and it has 6-8 customizable photo icons, a weather slot, 4-5 (locked) quick access icons and a quick preview Today area. This theme is particularly good for displaying wallpapers. You can hide all of your display icons by pressing the close button, and hitting the “space” key will bring them back.

Check out Keen over at Elecite to see more of this theme in action.