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Canada Votes 2008: Which candidate is best for RIM?


Canadian Election candidates

Canada is casting their vote today for who will be the next Prime Minister of Canada. I will be going to vote in a couple hours and much like Jewish people will ask themselves, “which candidate is best for Israel?” I will ask myself “which candidate is best for BlackBerry?” I’ll let BlackBerry Cool readers decide who I vote for, just give me your reasons.

BlackBerry is proud to be Canadian-made. I know, I asked one recently. I want to vote for the candidate that will spread this wonderful Canadian smartphone all over the globe for everyone to enjoy. Also, I want the candidate that will improve my BlackBerry experience. Subsidies, tax breaks, trade negotiations and underhanded bribery will be the tools which my candidate will use to make the BlackBerry the most widely used smartphone on the market. Who will it be?

Google offers mobile access to US elections info


Google Elections mobile page

If you weren’t already keeping tabs on the U.S. elections news through Viigo, Google now has a mobile site to help you keep up to date. The site’s not much to look at but there’s plenty there, including links to McCain and Obama’s YouTube video channels, check out what they’re reading through Google Reader, the latest election news items, and even mobile maps around convention centres. Head on over to m.google.com/elections on your BlackBerry to get all the latest coverage and info.

(via Official Google Mobile Blog)

New Beta of Viigo available!


Olympics and Elections on Viigo

The latest update to Viigo has come around, featuring Olympics and 2008 Elections channels built in. This version lets you check out upcoming competitions, medal results, as well as state-by-state polling results and news right on your BlackBerry. Before you ask, no, podcasts aren’t up and running yet, but stick around, the feature is well underway. Viigo is a free, lightweight app for your BlackBerry that lets you access RSS feeds, weather, sports, stock information and plenty more. If you haven’t tried it yet, go ahead and grab the classic RSS reader here! For the new beta, head to getviigo.com/beta on your BlackBerry’s browser.