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Ringtone Remix Updated With Speed Improvements and Song Picker


ringtone remix

Electric Pocket has updated its app Ringtone Remix, an app that lets you create a ringtone collection from the music on your device. To create a ringtone, you simply select the track, choose the section you want to sample from the waveform, and then save as a ringtone. In the most recent update you’ll find:
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Electric Pocket Releases Affordable Ringtone Remix App


ringtone remix app

Electric Pocket has released a ringtone remix app that lets you make your own ringtones. The app lets you select music from your own music collection, create a ringtone, and then you can select particular contacts to use with your new ringtone. Features of the app include:
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BugMe Notes and Alarms Updated with 10 Free Copies



Electric Pocket have updated BugMe!, their notification app and are offering 10 copies as a giveaway. BugMe! is a quick and easy way to remind yourself of daily chores and To Do items. You can take notes, jot down ideas or set a reminder for yourself about an errand you need to run. The app will pop up an alarm when it’s time to get the job done. The latest build includes new features such as:

  • Reminder Alerts (nags) for notes so they will repeatedly alert you until acknowledged.
  • The ability to schedule BugMe! alarms on a monthly basis – both on the same day of each month and “First Tuesday” style.
  • Alarms set to repeat on a recurring basis will now display their next scheduled alert time.
  • The option to set a snooze time, which is ideal for those who use BugMe! to wake them up or who may not be able to act on an alert right when it sounds.
  • A daily email summary of notes with alarms for the next 24 hours.
  • Auto-backup of notes to SD card (if present).
  • Automatically checks for app updates, with a link to download the latest version.

To win a copy, just leave a comment on this post. Remember, if you comment as a guest and don’t leave any contact info, we can’t send you the free copy. Make sure to leave your Facebook, Twitter or email to be eligible to win.

More information about BugMe! available in the BlackBerryCool Store.

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FindMe lets Facebook buddies know where you are


FindMeA new bit of location-based software was released today from the guys that did FlipSide. I’ve been using the beta of FindMe for awhile now, and it seems to be working great. It’s set up so that you associate cell towers with certain locations, so when your BlackBerry uses that tower, it updates on your Facebook profile. You can even voluntarily provide extra details so that location can be found on Google Maps through Facebook. You also have the option to “go dark” whenever you don’t want to share your location. For such a light app, both on your BlackBerry and your profile, FindMe offers a really great service.