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EA Launches MADDEN NFL 12 for the PlayBook


RIM is doing a great job attracting getting premium content to the PlayBook. So far, BBX and the tablet OS looks like it has everything that game developers need to make graphic-rich games. The most recent premium game to launch on the PlayBook with RIM backing is EA’s MADDEN NFL 12. The football game is currently going for $6.99USD.
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RIM Launches More Free Apps for Loyalty Giveaway: Bejeweled and Shazam Encore


In appreciation for BlackBerry users’ loyalty through the recent service outages, RIM has rolled another set of its free premium apps that will continue to be released over the next month and remain free of charge until the end of 2011. This wave of free premium apps includes mobile game hit Bejeweled and music app Shazam Encore.

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EA Acquires PopCap Games for $750M


popcap games

The mainstream, multi-platform game developer giant known as Electronic Arts has acquired PopCap Games, a major contender in the online world of casual and social gaming. In one fell swoop, EA came that much close to their goal of being worth $1bn. Earlier this week, PopCap and EA settled on an acquisition price of $750 million. While some analysts are questioning the high price of the acquisition,urchase, CEO of EA, John Riccitiello insists that the price was fair and just. “Acquiring PopCap extends the leadership we have established since the investment in our flagship casual site, Pogo. It adds to our momentum on the mobile and social platforms and accelerates us toward our goal of achieving $1 billion in digital business in FY12,” he said.
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Learn More About Some of the Developers Submitting to App World


app world

We’re always curious which developers are submitting a portfolio of apps to App World. In this case, we’re more concerned with apps such as a game, utility or IM client, and much less so an eBook, audio book or theme. It’s a difficult process to compile a list of popular developers because there isn’t a good way of sorting through the data to find who has submitted a large portfolio of apps. In order to do this, we’re simply starting with the developers we’re familiar with through BlackBerryCool, and doing a little searching on the side. This article will get better as more people comment their findings too, so feel free to comment the developer’s vendor page with the number of apps they’ve submitted and we’ll add them to the list. Click through to read about some interesting developers.
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Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for BlackBerry by EA Review


mortal kombat

Currently, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 by Electronic Ats is being featured in the App World carousel and considering how much of a huge success the franchise has been in gaming history, it was hard to avoid paying the $2.99 to give it a try. While UMK3 has a pretty wide range of device support, the Torch was used for this review.

When you boot up the app, be sure to be in landscape mode. UMK3 doesn’t support portrait mode, due to the way the game is played. As you can see from the below screenshot, the controls use a virtual joystick and two buttons (one for regular attack and the other for a special). Fighting is done with a basic combination of ‘down+special’ or ‘back+attack’. As with most mobile games, you’re seriously limited by what you can do with the device, and the cramped key space means that developers have to get creative with how you play the game.
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Review: SimCity Societies for BlackBerry by Electronic Arts


SimCity Societies for BlackBerry is a socio-economic simulator by EA.

While traditional SimCity games are billed as “city-building simulators”, SimCity Societies focuses more on your city’s population and their needs as a society.

Something that shapes the look an feel of your city is the political spectrum. As mayor if you implement a lot of authoritative policies, your city will look the part with secret police stations and early curfews . If your focus is business then your city will take on a capitalist tone with skyscrapers and department stores. If you like it liberal, your city will be able to have buildings like a game development company and a recycling center.
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