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What Businesses Can Benefit from the BlackBerry PlayBook?


blackberry playbook

The PlayBook is going to be very enterprise-friendly and there are a lot of businesses that could potentially benefit from a tablet connected to a BES and synced with the corporate email servers. Recently, Sun Life Financial said it plans to use the PlayBook to help companies increase the number of employees who sign up for group retirement plans.

Sun Life has found that a lot of employees will attend information sessions about group retirement but will leave without having signed up. With a PlayBook, Sun Life will be able to sign up employees on the spot, and the PlayBook will pay for itself quickly.

What other businesses can benefit from a PlayBook? Clinics, hospitals and the healthcare industry will surely grab the PlayBook as patient data is so sensitive, and a secure RIM tablet would be complementary to their services. Anyone in sales will surely want a tablet for presentations and accessing analytics on the go. Do you think your company could benefit from a PlayBook?

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Track Your Family’s Health with My Family BlackBerry App


A BlackBerry is a personal computer in your pocket and what better use of a computer than to store and track data about things that are important to you, such as family. My Family is a BlackBerry app that allows you to track medical records such as conditions, medications, lab tests, allergies, immunizations, age, height, weight, blood glucose, A1c % and more. This app is very beneficial to anyone with family members that need consistent monitoring or families with newborns.

Features of the My Family app include:

  • Record all the monitored data such as weight, height, BMI, blood pressure, blood glucose, A1c, fasting glucose, lab tests, results etc.
  • Manage the medications that are you currently taking or any past medications, etc.
  • View graphs for the above monitored data.
  • All the personal health profile like age, height, weight, BMI, personal history and diagnosed medical conditions for each family member can be maintained and stored.
  • Also, track all the medical expenses for each family member.
  • Email the records to your doctor or to yourself.
  • Organize insurance information from the application.

My Family is a relatively expensive app at $19.99 but it’s $6.99 until June 30th.

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Allscripts Remote for healthcare professionals now for BlackBerry



We have heard a lot in the past year about how BlackBerrys are revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Doctors and nurses with BlackBerrys are able to have timely access to a huge database of patient and medical information at their fingertips, making them more efficient on the job.

Allscripts have launched Allscripts Remote for BlackBerry which gives physicians remote access and control for Allscripts Electronic Health Records. The application was originally designed for iPhone, but I suspect there are far more health professionals using BlackBerry.

More information from Allscripts.

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MedShare released for BlackBerry, saves RNs headaches


MedShare is now supporting BlackBerry functionality, allowing home care professionals to cut down on paperwork time by up to 10%. That might not seem like much, but anything the reduces the headaches of folks in health care is A-O-K in my books. MedShare really makes BlackBerry seem as the ideal choice as a platform for this kind of work.

“We’ve hit a critical mass,” [Barry Billings, president of MedShare] says. “We have electronic health records available through MedShare, wireless access through the BlackBerry platform, and society needing better health care access. Those three elements are combining to prompt the sector to re-invent how it delivers health care, and MedShare is the answer.”

Normally, I let boring BlackBerry software releases that involve paper-shuffling slip by, but when the person shuffling that paper is a medical professional trying to keep track of my grandmother’s innumerable ailments, I’ll stop to take pause. For any doctors in the house, more information can be found here.