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Get BlackBerry notifications to your PC with Blurt


A new app circulating the blogosphere, Blurts, gives you important notifications from your BlackBerry, to your PC. Whenever you get a call, email, or SMS notification, you see it on your desktop, which stops you from having to reach in your pocket and check your BlackBerry.

Blurts Pro Features:

  • Display Caller ID Alert
  • Display Email Alerts for all email accounts
  • Bluetooth auto connect
  • Display SMS/Text Alert
  • Send SMS/Text from your computer
  • Answer call from your computer
  • Ignore call from your computer
  • Activate Speaker phone from your computer
  • Control call volume from your computer
  • Place/Dial call from your computer
  • Disconnect call from your computer
  • Blurts will auto start on device reset
  • Options to control alerts

Blurts costs $4.99 until November 15th (regularly $5.99).

Another application worth trying, that does the same thing, is Elertify. Elertify also costs $4.99 until November 15th but it has a speech component which Blurt does not seem to have. This might make Elertify a better deal, but we’ll have to give you a head-to-head review soon.

Preview BlackBerry messages from your PC with Elertify


YouTube link.

Elertify is a great new app that sits on your PC, and allows you to preview messages without the need to take out your BlackBerry and check.

Elertify will display a popup message on your PC when you receive incoming email, SMS and calls on your BlackBerry. You can even get audio alerts of who is texting, or emailing you.

Elertify is available for $4.99 until November 15th (regularly $5.99). It is also available as a 7 day free trial.