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TOMPlayer Media App Remembers Playlist and Song Positions


We recently heard from Emacberry founder, Matthias, who told us that while his BlackBerry media player was decent, it lacked some crucial functionality for his listening needs. In particular, when a playlist is loaded, one would expect that the app will remember the last position in the playlist, as well as the track. So he decided to create TOMPlayer, a media app that has this functionality. Click through for the full description and download links.
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A Quick Review of 50 Applications for the BlackBerry Torch


blackberry app list

How many apps do you have on your device? Turns out I have 50. I thought I would go through each one of them with a very quick, one sentence review of each. If you go through the list and know an app that’s better than the one I have, please recommend in the comments. I wouldn’t recommend this many apps as I find the device a little on the sluggish side. If you want your Torch running at full speed, it’s probably best to keep it to a minimal number of apps that you use on a constant basis. Click through for a quick review of 50 apps for the Torch:
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GPSLogger II Location and Geocaching App Goes Open Beta with More Features



GPSLogger is a straight forward app by emacberry that records your location over time including elevation, speed and some other data. GPSLogger can direct you to a location as well as it includes a “Guide Me Home” feature that makes the app useful for geocaching. In a recent update, the product has gone open beta with GPSLogger II, and features:

  • Usage of BlackBerry Maps
  • Additional/Multiple Views
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Sharing Location

If you’re looking for a new map and location app, this is definitely one to try. Check out OTA download at emacberry.com/ota/gpslogger2.jad.

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FileScout Releases Data on Downloads and Purchases by OS


The above graph shows downloads of FileScout for 45,000+ users based on OS

We had some great feedback on our post talking about whether it makes sense to develop your app for any pre-OS 5 devices. Matthias of emacberry.com and developer of FileScout was kind enough to share some data and add to the discussion.

Based on 45,000+ downloads for FileScout, it looks like OS 4.3 was really only around 40 users and 60% of users were on OS 5. There are also 2 users downloading with OS 6.1. Click through to see the rates based on actual purchases.
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LittleBrother Location Tracking Solution by Emacberry Updated



LittleBrother is a lightweight application by emacberry that lets you inform friends and family about your location. The app is very helpful in letting people know when you’re about to arrive at their home, so you can avoid embarrassing moments. The app has a long list of updates so hit the jump for the full list.
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Emacberry.com App Updates: LittleBrother, GPSiesConnect and Iconify


Emacberry let us know that new versions of LittleBrother (v0.5.0.5), GPSiesConnect (v0.9) and Iconify (v1.4.8) have been released. Also, FileScout v2.1.1 is currently on sale until the end of October so if you’re looking to purchase, now might be a good time. Check out the full change logs after the jump.
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