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Iconify and FileScout Updated with User Interface Improvements and More


filescout on the torch

Emacberry let us know that both FileScout and Iconify have been updated with a new polished user interface, as well as some additional enhancements and bug fixes.

FileScout is a very useful file explorer application for BlackBerry that allows you to browse the file system, create directories, copy, move, rename, zip, unzip and more. The app comes with a 14 day free trial so be sure to take it for a test run.

Iconify lets you create icons on your homepage for links, dialing and mail. It’s a simple app that has a lot of utility if you interact with one contact or site a lot.

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LittleBrother – The Zero Power Consumption Tracking Solution


LittleBrother is a new app by the same developer of FileScout. The app is a way to automatically inform friends and family members when you have arrived at a predefined location. The major advantage to this application is that it runs with virtually zero power consumption.

LittleBrother features include:

  • Automatically send email and/or SMS notification when the device is leaving a certain area.
  • Automatically send email and/or SMS notification when the device is returning into a certain area.
  • See an overview map of the last 25 cell towers you have been connected to.
  • Export the local cell tower Database (locations) to a KML-File and send it via email. This can be used with Google Earth to get an overview of all the cell towers you have recorded so far.

Using the cell towers to get your position has some advantages and disadvantages. By using the cell tower, you are getting an inaccurate reading of your position, but you are also saving a lot of power. The GPS on your BlackBerry consumes a lot of battery life, and since this app is mainly concerned with regions, the cell tower is sufficient.

LittleBrother has a lot of potential use cases such as tracking loved ones, determining if your device was stolen, as well as some fun geo-adventuring with Google Earth.

Download LittleBrother Beta OTA at emacberry.com/ota/lbrother.jad.

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FileScout Updated to Version with Image Viewer


FileScout, a great file manager that now comes with its own image viewer, allowing you to browser through all the images in a given directory. Storm users will also enjoy the ability to browser through pictures by touching the left or right side of the screen. The image viewing feature is also improved by the fact that FileScout caches theimages in a directory, but will only cache as much as your memory allows so as to not affect performance. The latest version also includes Bluetooth fixes, making this update an overall success.

For more about features and FileScout’s free trial, check them out in the BlackBerryCool Store.

For a full changelog of version head over to emacberry.

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Review of QwikClique vs Iconify: Two Quick-Icon Applications


Shortcuts are an important part of the BlackBerry experience. Apps such as SuperQWERTY, QuickLaunch and even Vlingo, all help to make everything a little more efficient, by reducing the amount of input required.

Putting a shortcut on your homescreen is a great app idea because it leaves both a shortcut and a visual reminder of the person you often talk to or a website you often visit. A little while ago Iconify by emacberry launched, providing two versions of their quick icon app. With either the 15 or 50 link version, you can create icons on the homescreen to dial, mail or PIN message a contact, or visit a website. Recently, QwikClique by The Jared Company launched, offering 5 shortcut icons to contacts of your choice. As both these apps serve similar functions, lets compare their feature sets:
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FileScout Now Available as a Freemium App


Emacberry let us know that they’ve released two versions of FileScout, a commercial version and a free FileScout Lite version. To use the Lite version, start the free 14 day trial and select from the app. Emacberry have also provided a full breakdown of features and fixes you’ll find in the new versions. The highlights include an archive email function, and search enhancements.

Click here to see the differences between both versions of FileScout.

Get more information about FileScout from the BlackBerryCool Store.
Click through for a detailed breakdown of all the new FileScout features

Iconify Updated to Version 1.0.4 with Changelog



Emacberry have updated Iconify to version 1.0.4 and sent along a change log. Iconify lets you create icons on your homepage for links, dialing and mail. It’s a simple app that has a lot of utility if you interact with one contact or site a lot.

There are two versions of Iconify, one for 15 links and another for 50.

More information on the 15 link version of Iconify.
More information on the 50 link version of Iconify.
Click through for the full change log