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Head 2 Head: Aerize vs. PeeKaWho


Last week we reviewed both Aerize and PeeKaWho, two great pieces of software that essentially give you great-looking caller-ID functionality for your emails and SMS text messages. We’ve talked quite a bit about PeeKaWho, developed by BlackBerry Cool 15 nominee Robert Kao of SmrtGuard (also the developer of Followup and SmrtGuard), and Aerize Alerts (developed by Aerize, who also developed the Aerize Card Loader we mentioned earlier in May).

Aerize vs. PeekaWho Head 2 Head

Aerize Alerts v.1.1.1 Reviewed!


Aerize for BlackBerry

While incoming calls from contacts in your address book already alert you by showing the caller’s photo and number, your BlackBerry sadly does not support the same service for email or text messaging. Unless you have Aerize Alerts v.1.1.1 or PeeKaWho – an awesome product we just reviewed.

Now, on to Aerize! The short and skinny of it is, Aerize Alerts 1.1.1 allows BlackBerry users to receive pop-up notifications on your home screen for email and SMS text messages, in a similar way that you would when a contact saved in your address book calls you. Aerize alerts is responsive, easy to use, easy to set up, and easy on the eyes.

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PeeKaWho v.1.160 Reviewed!



We’ve talked quite a bit about PeeKaWho here at BlackBerry Cool, but no one’s actually reviewed the product. BlackBerry Cool 15 nominee Robert Kao of SmrtGuard – the developer of Followup and SmrtGuard – brings Blackberry users this great piece of software.

If you’ve been looking for a reliable caller ID function for your incoming email and SMS text messages, look no further. PeeKaWho is great if you want to view your email or text messages at a glance while performing other functions on your Blackberry, like composing an email or surfing in the browser. You can also disallow PeeKaWho pop-ups when using certain applications, great for when you don’t want to be interrupted while you’re writing an email, viewing a video or dialing a call
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Head-to-Head: Empower vs. BBSmart


Flying cat fight

Michael Kerfeld, an enthusiastic reader of BBCool, has submitted a great head-to-head review of Empower versus BBSmart HTML e-mail viewers. Head-to-head will be a new BBCool feature where we make two competing products slug it out until one emerges the victor. If you’d like to review for BlackBerry Cool, contact us.

We all know that the Blackberry Bold is coming, and with it RIM’s new, highly anticipated OS 4.6. A sneak peek of the features have been revealed, as well as to those using beta copies of the OS 4.5 on their current devices. RIM has given everything a touch up with fresher fonts, a more pleasant browsing experience, and snappier performance. OS 4.5 even brings a facelifted email viewer, but HTML email viewing still remains a thing of the future for those of us without an Enterprise Service activation or a carrier with BIS version 2.5. The days of endless URL strings continue.

Empower vs. BBSmart