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Google teams up with emoze


emozeEmoze has announced today that they’re now offering free push Gmail on any cellphone out there. We remember emoze, right? Emoze has been openly targeting RIM as a competitor, and now they’re horning in on their Google turf, which is fair game. Making nice with Google is good for business. There’s a divide in what folks want in e-mail: those who need the whole shebang, and those who just want to occasionally check their personal e-mail, and emoze is going after the latter. While RIM obviously doesn’t have to worry about losing their full-feature customers, emoze’s free push e-mail certainly raises the bar for capturing a casual market.

Push e-mail competitor bashes RIM over French ban


emozeMan, these guys really like gunning for RIM, don’t they? emoze has taken a golden opportunity to kick RIM while they’re down, in what’s supposed to pass as a press release. I have no idea since when “ha ha, you guys suck, we’re awesome” qualified as a press release, but there you go. It might be easy to brush emoze off as small potatoes compared to BlackBerry’s push e-mail, but the fact remains that governing bodies could use an alternative push e-mail client with more security. According to some emoze is solid. Although no particular threat to RIM’s success, emoze does have the capability to offer services where RIM can’t.