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BIS 3.0 Upgrade Successful with OpenDocument Support


The BIS 3.0 upgrade went through over the weekend, and while we won’t see Gmail sync until the Spring, it’s good to be at 3.0. There really isn’t anything outstanding that comes with BIS 3.0, however the additional attachment support is nice.

With BIS 3.0, your BlackBerry now supports the following: OpenDocument presentations (.odp), OpenDocument spreadsheets (.ods), OpenDocument text (.odt), OpenDocument text templates (.ott) and Windows Media Audio (.wma).

For a full list of features that come with the BIS 3.0 upgrade, check out RIM’s knowledgebase article.

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BlackBerry Tip: Use Gmail to archive deleted BlackBerry messages



One of the downsides of being a BIS user is that you don’t get the ability to archive your deleted BlackBerry emails. Well there is a way to do it and it has changed my life.

If you’re like me, you have drunk the Cool-Aid and you’re using Google Calendar, Reader, Docs (which I’m writing this on right now) etc. Even though you love Google products, you can’t make the jump to Android because, when it comes to communication and getting things done, nothing is better than BlackBerry.

There have been rumors of a BlackBerry plugin for Gmail for ages, but it’s taking a long time and we’re not hearing much news about it. Until then, here is a solution for archiving your deleted BlackBerry emails using Gmail.
Click through to read a step by step tutorial on how to archive BlackBerry emails with Gmail

RIM developing an Enhanced Gmail Plugin for BlackBerry



To date, the Gmail experience on BlackBerry hasn’t met the standards that most users expect. According to a few screenshots leaked on BlackBerryForum(de), RIM is going to be improving the experience with an upcoming Enhanced Gmail Plugin. As you can see above, it includes:

* See your Gmail based emails in Conversation View for simple topic management
* Add and remove labels and stars to emails to keep inbox organized
* Archive and report as spam actions for mailbox management on the go
* Search your entire Gmail inbox

You’ll need BIS 2.7 for the plugin, and feel free to try and get in the beta program. If you do get in the beta program, let us know what you think.