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Citrix Receiver for the BlackBerry PlayBook Now Available in Test Center


We have spoken to a few people about the use of the PlayBook in healthcare and we often here IT admins complain that there hasn’t been any optimized Citrix support. RIM has just announced that a Citrix Receiver for the PlayBook is now available in beta in BlackBerry App World, offering IT managers enterprise virtualization from the PlayBook. With the Citrix Receiver, users can access virtual desktops on servers running Microsoft Windows, as well as an organization’s enterprise apps, enabling standalone app virtualization. This is huge for industries such as healthcare that rely on Citrix virtualized systems. Continue reading for more details.
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IBM Launches Cross-Platform IBM Connections Apps for Enterprise Social Media


IBM Connections is enterprise-grade social software that lets you build a network of colleagues and experts, and then leverage that network to reach internal goals. It’s an interesting initiative that should be of value to people in very large organizations. Click through to read more.
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WEBINAR: Making Enterprise Grade Security Easy in Mobile App Development


RIM and Pyxis Mobile are hosting a webinar on security issues in mobile apps on August 31 at 1pm EDT. The webinar will touch on a few subjects including an overview of BlackBerry 7 devices and the QNX OS. Below is some additional information.
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Layoffs at RIM? Great, Fresh Blood is Good


The newswire is abuzz about recent firings or layoffs at RIM and generally giving the tired same response of “another nail in the coffin for RIM.” The truth of the matter is that it’s probably not that people considering the giant size of RIM globally, and in the end it’s for the best. Fresh blood will bring fresh ideas to the company and challenge the status quo. Rather than see this as the demise of the company, it should be seen as a positive move for the company to cycle out some underperforming fodder for some real innovative staff.

Generally, the company has lost its evangelists. Every single news source loves to put a negative spin on the news. For example: RIM is supporting other smartphone platforms on BES. Rather than understand that companies on BES are seeing a smattering of other devices on the network and a few iPhones isn’t a corporate takeover, media likes to say it’s the end of RIM. Hopefully these layoffs are happening in the marketing department because they’re clearly not doing a good job of convincing the tech writers and bloggers of the world.

The media is a real herd mentality these days. Maybe it always was.

UPDATE: Again, the media just keep repeating the same line over and over. When the VP of Digital Marketing, Brian Wallace, announced he was leaving for Samsung, somehow this got translated into bad news for RIM. The real story is that Brian Wallace has been working at RIM for 11 years. Any company that’s going to transform for a fast-paced and changing market should be happy if 11 year old employees are leaving. It will make room for new blood that can invigorate the company.

Fixmo Raises $6.5 Million for Enterprise Mobile Management and Protection Solution



It’s great to hear about Canadian companies raising funds as it seems Silicon Valley seems to be eating all the cash these days. Fixmo, a company that delves in both enterprise and consumer mobile solutions and is based in Toronto, Canada, has raised $6.5 million in financing. The Series B funding round was led by new investor Panorama Capital, with existing investors Rho Ventures Canada, iNovia Capital, Extreme Venture Partners and management participating. The funding is going to help grow Fixmo’s enterprise mobile management and protection solutions business which was all the rage at BlackBerry World this year.

The Fixmo solution provides device assurance, policy compliance, and device audit solutions, as well as tools that allow enterprises to manage their entire mobile infrastructure, end-to-end, through a single interface. It also probably helps that the Co-Founder and CEO Rick Segal is well versed in raising capital, as he used to be with the BlackBerry Partners Fund.

How RIM Might Implement BlackBerry Messenger on Other Platforms


bbm for ios

The rumor has been going around for some time now that BBM will be heading to other platforms. We decided to revisit the topic as it was something discussed a lot at BlackBerry World and we’re still getting companies asking us about it. The problem with the rumor, is that RIM and the carriers know the real value in BBM is not as a successful messaging platform per se, but rather its value as a customer retention tool. We’ve heard carriers consistently say that BBM is the number 1 customer retention tool for BlackBerry devices, as users will purchase another BlackBerry simply to not lose those BBM contacts. So given that understanding, why would RIM want to open it up to other platforms and give those users an out? They wouldn’t; but here are a few ways they may implement.
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