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ID3IOT for BlackBerry 10 Helps Clean Audio Tags


ID3IOT is a simple and useful tool that helps you clean up your broken audio tags. The app does this by scanning your music library for missing tag information, and then allowing the user to edit and clean up the tags directly from the device. With platform integration, ID3IOT can edit tags from the music player, file manager or any location that an MP3 is being accessed on the device.
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Planets for Playbook is a Free Astronomy App for BlackBerry


RIM is doing a promotion in App World for all their BlackBerry Playbook astronomy apps. The only free offering is Dana Peters’ Planets app. Planets is a free 3D cosmos browser and visualizer that can help you pick out objects in the night sky.
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Foursquare Demos NFC Checkins at BlackBerry World


Last week at BlackBerry World 2012, Foursquare launched NFC checkins for their city discovery app. This will allow checkins via Foursquare-configured NFC tags as well as share venue and tip data simply by tapping devices together. Here’s a video demo of how it all works.
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Free City Guide App MyCityWay Announces BlackBerry 10 Support


The MyCityWay app gives business travelers and city dwellers alike the ultimate urban reference guide app. Whether you are looking for local news, transit updates, cheapest gas prices, the hottest sales, restaurant deals, movie tickets or just the closest free Wi-Fi spot to get some work done, the MyCityWay Snapshot immediately scouts the scene and finds it for you.
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Some Thoughts on The Netflix App for PlayBook


There’s been a lot of buzz about the Netflix app for PlayBook from users and media alike. As soon as Netflix tweeted they won’t be supporting PlayBook, the media jumped on it thinking that the reason was because the PlayBook was somehow inferior. We’ve talked to people at RIM and sources close to the situation, and we can certainly say that the reason to not go with the PlayBook has absolutely nothing to do with the tablet’s hardware or software. Sure, volume sales might have something to do with it, but not really when you consider Netflix has a Vita and 3DS app. It more likely has to do with politics and behind-the-scenes discussions. Some thoughts below from us and a link to our buddy Doug at Untether.
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Pacemaker DJ App Coming to PlayBook Because Of Its “Highly Responsive User Interface”


The Pacemaker Device is a DJ’ing tool that combines a music device like an iPod with a touchpad and interface that allows you to mix beats. It basically acts like taking your turntables and entire DJ setup and shrinks it down to something you can fit inside a coat pocket. Recently, the company announced that it will be partnering with RIM to take the technology and put it on the BlackBerry PlayBook. According to the company, it has investigated a wide range of mobile platforms (assuming Apple products included), and it has selected the PlayBoook “due to its highly responsive user interface.” Score one for RIM! DJ’s love BlackBerry.
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