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Bplay launches Seltzer BlackBerry Theme


Bplay is back with another refreshing BlackBerry theme. Today they’ve launched their ‘Seltzer’ theme, which features calmly floating bubbles in a deep blue background — just staring at it is doing wonders for my constitution. You can download Bplay’s newest BlackBerry theme for the low, low price of $4.99 at the link below, unless you’re a BlackBerry 8830 user. Check out some more Seltzer screenshots after the jump!

Download Bplay Seltzer Theme

Seltzer BlackBerry Theme Screenshots

Marble Trap — Another BlackBerry Storm enhanced BlackBerry Game


My boy Kevin is always spending too much time with games on his BlackBerry. It seems he’s uncovered video of a new BlackBerry game called Marble Trap. Much like Nintaii, Marble Trap takes advantage of the BlackBerry Storm’s accelerometer for a smoother gameplay experience. To download a free trial of Marble Trap for BlackBerry, hit the links below.

Marble Trap for BlackBerry Free Trial (BlackBerry Storm)
Marble Trap for BlackBerry Free Trial (non-Storm BlackBerrys)

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How to: train for the BlackBerry Storm


Judging from most of your comments, BlackBerry Nation, you’re still having a difficult time picking up a BlackBerry Storm. Consider it a blessing in disguise. Many of you likely still need some training before delving into the touchscreen BlackBerry experience; the video above will show you everything you need to know. No pain, no gain!


Hands On with LiveScreens from DreamTheme


Every BlackBerry user has a special love for their BlackBerry theme of choice. As one of the few ways users can personalize their BlackBerry, it’s a pretty significant statement: do you choose something trendy like an iBerry theme, or relive your youth with a Super Mario Bros theme?

We were recently contacted by DreamTheme, a company that is looking to evolve BlackBerry personalization beyond simple themes with LiveScreens. LiveScreens are essentially animated homescreen applications, but there’s more to them than meets the eye. Hit the jump and come check out one of the coolest new things you can put on your BlackBerry.

What is a LiveScreen?

Bplay adds direct billing for BlackBerry Games!


Great news today for members of the BlackBerry Nation looking for an excuse to waste more time on their BlackBerry. Bplay just emailed us to let us know that they now support direct billing!

Direct billing for games is now available for AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint subscribers at Bplay. Subscribers of those carriers can bill Bplay games directly to their phone bills by using Premium SMS. It is available at Bplay through an additional “Bill to Phone” option on the game product pages.

Over time, Bplay will be adding more US and Canadian carriers. We’ve included links below to our three favorite Bplay games.

Texas Hold’em King 3


Slingplayer Mobile coming to BlackBerry?


SlingRumors creeping in of streaming video support for new BlackBerrys could be validated if comments from Slingbox’s CEO turn out to be true. In a recent interview on Revision3’s show GigaOM, Blake Krikorian suggested that a mobile client for Sling could be coming to BlackBerry. Considering Slingplayer Mobile is already available for Windows Mobile and Palm devices, BlackBerry-compatible software isn’t much of a surprise. User-friendliness aside, would a service like this match the entertainment value available from iPhone video streaming? Of course, comparable products such as Mobile TV Center are already out on the market, and offer extra features such as show recording, but with the slew of new Slingbox services detailed in the interview, it’ll be a tough fight.