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Solar Impulse Solar Powered Plane Uses QNX for Control and Data Management Functions


The Solar Impulse plane is the first aircraft in the world that can fly, without fuel, during the day and night. Currently, the plane can only carry one passenger but it’s an interesting proof that it can be done. One thing CNN didn’t point out about the plane that’s interesting is that the plane uses the QNX OS for a variety of control and data management functions. How much energy you get from the sun, how much power is in the batteries and more.
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Help support Earth Hour with their new mobile site launch


On Saturday, March 28th, RIM is asking BlackBerry users to help support the dedicated Earth Hour mobile site.


The site will be able to receive global news updates, join an Earth Hour social media community to help spread the Earth Hour message, sign up for Earth Hour updates and download videos and other multimedia as well as the Earth Hour icon to their BlackBerry.

RIM says it has collaborated with Earth Hour to launch the dedicated site and it urges its BlackBerry users to switch off their lights between 8.30-9.30pm.

“This year’s Earth Hour has been positioned as the ‘world’s first global election, between Earth and global warming’, and switching off your lights on Earth Hour will be a vote for Earth while leaving them on will be a vote for global warming,” according to RIM.

So help the environment and support this year’s Earth Hour.


Phone industry unites on chargers, RIM should join in


Don’t leave me plugged in or your power bill will regret it.

Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and LG Electronics launched on Wednesday a common energy rating system for chargers, making it easier for consumers to compare and choose the ones consuming the least energy. The new ratings system ranges from five stars for the most efficient chargers down to zero stars for the ones consuming the most energy. While it seems like a small thing, this new initiative could have a positive environmental impact:

“If the more than three billion people owning mobile devices today switched to a four- or five-star charger, this could save the same amount of energy each year as produced by two medium sized power plants,” Nokia said in a statement.

If left plugged into the socket, chargers continue to use electricity even if the phone is disconnected. Nokia said around two-thirds of the electricity used by mobile phones is wasted this way.

RIM: you’re a leader in the smartphone space. Join with these other manufacturers and become a green leader as well. I want a GreenBerry charger!

|via Reuters|