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PressReader for BlackBerry Coming to BlackBerry 10


PressReader by NewspaperDirect is an app for both BlackBerry PlayBook and Smartphones that gives you access to over 2100 newspapers and magazines worldwide. They’ve recently announced support for RIM’s next-generation mobile OS: BlackBerry 10.
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Webreader is Your Personal Newspaper and Offline Ereader for BlackBerry Playbook


Webreader is a flexible and feature filled reader app by Soft Artists Ltd. that’s compatible with web, RSS and Atom feeds. Webreader can be used to read news on your BlackBerry Playbook in offline mode, as well as accessed from any desktop via the web.
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ReadOnTouch PRO Upgraded to Version 2.0


ReadOnTouch PRO (formerly Read It Later) is an offline reader by Sven Ziegler for the BlackBerry Playbook. Ideal for reading whenever you find yourself in a spot that doesn’t have connectivity, it supports images and formats the articles for clear reading on the Playbook.
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Kobo unveils BBM-enabled eReader for BlackBerry PlayBook


A special social version of Kobo eReader software was revealed today at DevCon during the BlackBerry PlayBook announcement. Kobo for BlackBerry PlayBook is an industry-first social eReading experience, with lots of BBM flavored sharing and communications options.

New features include shopping for books with a friend, reading with a group, exchanging passages and discussing books in real time. These new social features will reinvent the book club with slick BBM connectivity.

There are at present about 2 million titles in the Kobo store, as well as thousands of free classic books available for download.
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KOBO and Borders Group launch eBook service for BlackBerry


Borders Group have launched an eBook reader and service with KOBO, a spinoff of Indigo. The service is available on your BlackBerry, where you can easily download eBooks and read them on your device. The KOBO service plans to offer 1.8 million free books and another 200,000 at $9.99.

With a clean UI, a simple downloading process and a clean font, this app makes reading books on your BlackBerry very easy. To use the KOBO app, you must have OS 4.5 or greater.

To download head over to the kobobooks.com/blackberry and enter your email. You will promptly get an email with OTA links.

BlackBerry Cool readers get 25% off eBooks at Fictionwise


Personally, I’ve never read an entire book on my BlackBerry, but I might just give it a try. Viigo is a part of my daily reading habits and if the font size were right, and the interface was clean, I could see myself going through a full eBook on my BlackBerry.

If you want to try it out, or you’re looking for another book, Fictionwise are offering BlackBerry Cool readers 25% off with the coupon code “blackberrycool25″ (sans quotes). The coupon is good until the 30th of November.

Some instructions from Fictionwise:

For Fictionwise.com customers, every MultiFormat (unencrypted) eBook and every Secure eReader eBook will work on your BlackBerry. When you log in to your Fictionwise.com account from your BlackBerry, note that you will only see listed those eBooks that work with eReader for BlackBerry. You will not be shown eBooks that don’t work, such as Secure Microsoft Reader eBooks, etc. If you see it on your BlackBerry, you can download and read it.