Slacker Radio Pumps Public Radio


Not content with streaming radio, or over 21-artist stations, or ESPN and ABC coverage, Slacker Radio introduced Public Radio programming today in Partnership with American Public Media.
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CES 2012: Slacker Talks New Media Partners Including ESPN and BCS Championship


Slacker’s Jonathan Sasse sits down with us to talk about the company’s new media partners including ESPN where they are now doing live streaming of events. The first live event scheduled was with the BCS Championship and more on set to come. Video after the jump.
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Nobex Radio Companion for BlackBerry adds ESPN and local sports



Nobex Radio Companion has added ESPN stations from all across the US to its application. You can even listen to the National ESPN sports stream. If local sports is your thing, you can tune in to cities such as Dallas, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Boston, Cleveland and more to hear sporting events taking place in your area.

As always, Nobex Radio Companion also lets you see the recent playlist of over 2,700 radio and to listen to over 1000 playable stations. Take advantage of cool features like lyrics that scroll to the music and fun facts about the artist and song you are listening to. Don’t forget that you can also get songs or ringtones with a single click, straight from your device.

Download Nobex Radio Companion by visiting nobexrc.com from your BlackBerry browser.


ESPN on your BlackBerry


ESPNFor those signed up to the BlackBerry Owners Lounge, you might have heard about ESPN’s offering akin to MLB‘s – you can now download a link to ESPN’s mobile site to your BlackBerry, for quick access to all your sports scores. Although Viigo’s got their own ESPN channels, if sports are all you’re looking for, this would be the way to go.

Viigo/BlackBerryCool to Go channel gets customizable


ViigoOur buddies at Virtual Reach have a few new channels available for subscription on their free RSS reader: one is a customizable ESPN sports feed and another for exchange rates. Getting exchange rates on the go is just plain handy, especially if it’s folded into something you’re already using (you are already using BlackBerry Cool to Go, right?), but the customized sports feed is certainly something new that could seriously expand the usefulness of Viigo’s channels. Instead of cruising through the folders and finding the stuff you like, being given the option to make your own ensures that you get the content you want. We’re really hoping that Virtual Reach brings this kind of thing to more of their channels.