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Sprint’s BlackBerry 8330 due tomorrow? How’s that price?


Sprint 8330If Alltel and Verizon weren’t getting you to bite, we’ve been getting reports from all over the BlackBerry Cool Nation that Sprint’s BlackBerry 8330 should be available tomorrow, May 9th., for $179.99 on a two year plan and after rebates. Considering that Verizon and Alltell are offering the same device (GPS, stereo bluetooth, EV-DO) for $219.99 and $229.99, respectively, it seems as though showing up late to the party isn’t such a bad deal after all. Don’t even get us started on the Canadian carriers.

Post a comment and let us know which carrier you feel is winning the BlackBerry 8330 war. Full CDMA Curve device specs available after the jump. Thanks to Randy and the rest who tipped us off.

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QuickPlay launches free VideoStreams


VideoStreamsQuickPlay, the guys who do cool streaming audio and video players for BlackBerry, have released a new free one called VideoStreams for the BlackBerry 8130. The new software, available from www.videoforblackberry.com on your mobile browser, depends on streaming video support, EVDO availability, being in North America and having a forgiving data plan. QuickPlay’s already been offering video streaming as a service to carriers, but it’s now that it’s been ironed out, a free version is here for all-comers. The current content is broken up into comedy, extreme sports, horoscopes and music videos, with more likely on the way. Give it a shot and let us know how it runs!


Two BlackBerrys land in Puerto Rico


CentennialCentennial has announced the BlackBerry 8703e and 8830 in Puerto Rico, both of which will enjoy GPS navigation and make use of the island-wide EV-DO network. Centennial just launched their BlackBerry service in the US this September, and already the love spreading down to the tropics. While we won’t be seeing the Curve on the Centennial’s CDMA network anytime soon, the BlackBerry 8130 is making the rounds, so it could very well end up down in Puerto Rico soon. You can grab the 8703e for $149.99 and the 8830 for $249.99 over here.

UPDATED: Telus 8130 hits online store, Ottawa gets in early


Telus 8130Canadians rejoice! Telus has opened up the BlackBerry 8130 for sale, $199.99 with a three year hook in your cheek. Side-loading microSD slot, 2 mpx camera, EVDO compatibility, GPS, A2DP, and comes bundled with not only the lovely new Facebook app, but also Pocket Express. A solid release combined with Telus’ generally rosy third quarter report paints a pretty picture for this carrier’s near future. Props to BlackBerry Sync for nailing the dates and deets.

UPDATE: With a bit of smooth talking, yours truly got the Telus folks here in Ottawa to crack open their shipment early. The rep I talked with hadn’t touched a BlackBerry before, so she was just about as excited as I was to give it a shot.

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Verizon BlackBerry 8130 available


8130Robb has kindly reminded us that the ominous clock on Verizon’s teaser site is done counting down, and you can now preorder the BlackBerry 8130. In case you’re prone to getting your GSM and CDMA variants mixed up, this is the one with EVDO, not GPS. You’ll be looking at a $149.99 pricetag with a two-year contract and an online order, along with a tasty new $30 e-mail and data plan. You should be seeing it in the streets November 8th.

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Verizon BlackBerry 8130 set to launch November 1?


VerizonRumor has it that the GPS-enabled Pearl will be hitting Verizon shelves come November 1st., although previous reports had the date set at the 8th. At very least we’ve got a ballpark idea of when the BlackBerry 8130 is coming out, and the we might still be able to count on the October 26th. pre-order date for anyone chomping at the bit to get one of these new toys. The 8130 will also be running on EVDO, packing a 3.5mm headphone jack, stereo Bluetooth, and a 2mpx camera with video capture.