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Rove Mobile IT Admin Management Solution Sees Positive Uptake


We haven’t covered Rove in a while and the company has had a few announcements since the launch of the Rove Mobile IT Admin Solution version 6.0 back in September. The company let us know that one of the most used and appreciated features has been Rove’s Dashboard, a solution that aggregates alerts, alarms, notifications and tickets from IT monitors and incident management systems, presents them to IT admins directly on their mobile, and makes it possible to quickly asses the problem and implement a solution. One of the most helpful features of Rove’s product, is that it can deliver alerts even if the Exchange and BlackBerry Enterprise servers are offline.

Rove’s Mobile IT Admin solution is also tablet ready, which is crucial in today’s mixed platform enterprise.

A free, 14 day trial of Rove’s product is available for download at roveit.com/trial.

Rove also recently won eWEEK’s 2010 Product of the Year.

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Help eWeek with their BlackBerry Bold review


AT&T BlackBerry Bold Unboxing

I’m not one for starting Internet flame wars because they get incredibly childish and I start to get severe heart palpitations when I open my inbox to find a thousand emails from a forum where said flame war began. That being said, I found a BlackBerry Bold review that I wanted to call everyone’s attention to and help the guy out. The review can be found here, and I’ll point out some quotes where the reviewer could be pointed to links that he may not know about. For example:
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