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Packt releases BES reference


PacktIT reference publisher, Packt, has recently released BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange, for all you budding BES admins out there. This volume goes over installation, user management, security, background information and more. If you’re working on a different platform, it’s worth your while to keep an eye on Packt for a Lotus or GroupWise reference soon. If BES adminning is your bag, you can pick this chunk of literature up over here.

Run-through: Zenprise for BlackBerry


ZenpriseSince covering Zenprise’s troubleshooting software back in July, I’ve had a chance to talk to some of the folks there about what they do. In a nutshell, Zenprise offers diagnostic tools to backend IT staff and dynamic troubleshooting flowcharts to front-line technical support in order to keep the company’s BlackBerry operations running smoothly. We would have liked to do a review, but we don’t run a BES at BBCool, and even if we did, we’re all so darned clever that we could figure out our own technical problems without some fancy-pants software package. That being said, we hooked up with the Paul Hinsberg, senior server engineer for the County of Alameda, California, who has been using Zenprise’s BlackBerry software since early beta testing. The county uses a little over a hundred BlackBerrys that have to be handled between 8 people.
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E-mail disaster recovery for BES


Train wreckCemaphore just announced that their e-mail recovery program, MailShadow, now works with BlackBerry Enterprise Server to keep your Exchange mail database fully secured.

“MailShadow protects Microsoft Exchange mailboxes by replicating mailbox transactions to geo-diverse, active Exchange servers for real-time disaster recovery. In the event that the primary Exchange server goes down or is undergoing planned maintenance, MailShadow will ensure that mailflow to and from BlackBerry Enterprise Server is restored within minutes.”

Sounds like a pretty solid bet for enterprise e-mail security. Check ‘em out over here.

New troubleshooting software to keep your BES and BlackBerrys up and running


ZenpriseZenprise has released the newest version (3.1) of their automated troubleshooting solution. The software lets you monitor RIM’s side of things, the carrier’s network, individual devices, your BlackBerry Enterprise Server, Exchange, Global Catalogue servers and Domain Controllers, DNS resuoltion, and the LAN/WAN. The price tag is $35 per user up to 1,000 users.

“Downtime is a significant expense for any company,” said Michael Osterman, principal of Osterman Research. “Solutions like Zenprise that can resolve downtime incidents quickly are an important addition to any BlackBerry environment.”

A handy video tour of the software is available over here.
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