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WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Blue Systems


Blue Systems is a relative newcomer to the mobile market. Though founded in 2002, they only recently released their financial software, called Blue. Blue Mobile, which we’ll hopefully get a chance to see at WES, allows user to track stocks, financial news, and other information directly from their phone. It also features a secure, built-in instant messenger to speak with your broker, programmable alerts, powerful charting, and a lot more. It’s available for $19.95/month, which they say is less than 20% of the price of their competitors.

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Trackaphone


TrackaphTrackaphone logoone offers location based services for business that need to track their employees or their assets while they’re in the field. The Asset Locator and The People Locator work similarly, giving businesses the ability to keep an eye on phones, employees, GPS devices, lone worker protection devices, and more. Both work with Mobile Finder, a stripped down version of the software that lets you keep an eye on the field even while you’re on the move. So far it’s only available on the 8800, so hopefully we’ll see support for more models at WES.

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: TeleNav


TeleNav logoTeleNav is a leader in mobile GPS needs. They were the company behind AT&T’s GPS offering, and were chosen as one of Pinstack’s Five Star picks. TeleNav GPS Navigator offers everything you’d expect from a GPS suite: directions, both written and spoken, points of interest, traffic warnings, and more. You can preview routes before you set out, and if you miss a turn the software will automatically create a new one to get you back on track. It also offers 2D and 3D maps and a bunch of customization options. Considering the growing popularity of GPS in BlackBerrys, they should have some very nice demos on display at WES.

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Microvision


Microvision logoMicrovision makes some of the neatest mobile hardware I’ve come across so far. Their micro-projector technology can be embedded into a device when it’s manufactured, or used in a standalone version that attaches to your phone. Either one can be used to project images, videos, presentations, etc. onto any surface you could use a real projector on. Even cooler, they’re working on technology that would use the PicoP projection engine to stream whatever is on your phone straight to your glasses. The glasses can be completely opaque for an immersive experience or partially transparent if you want to walk around the mall while you’re wearing them. I’m sure they’ll put on quite a show at WES.

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Onset Technology


METAmessage logoOnset Technology offers METAmessage, which goes “beyond email” to deliver a number of smartphone solutions for enterprises and governments. For emergencies, managers or team leaders can quickly send a message to everyone under them, with a custom alert to make sure it’s seen, and get a list of who has read it and when. The software also offers advanced paging features such as customizable notifications and the ability to send from a web browser, and IT features which integrate with BES and allow managers to patch, update, and deploy software quickly and easily. Finally, their professional features allows individuals to customize email alerts to cut through the clutter, request email read receipts, access document storage, and more.

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Infinite Peripherals


Infinite Peripherals logoInfinite Peripherals offers a number of hardware solutions for enterprise companies. There’s a printer cradle you can slot your BlackBerry into and print directly from it, plus all manner of SmartCard readers and barcode scanners. They also offer accessories like leather holsters with belt clips and carrying cases. Most of their products are for the older 7000-series BlackBerrys, so hopefully we’ll see some support for newer models at WES.