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EzBillMaker Makes Professionally Formatted Bills with Credit Card Processing Potential


EzBillMaker is a cool app that lets you send professionally formatted bills, quotes and expense reports to any email or fax. You can also include a link on the bill so that your customers can pay with a credit card. With the EzB website, you can track balances, payments and provide basic small business accounting. All of your records are conveniently stored in one place.

Features of EzBillMaker include:

  • Reduce time spent making bids and billing
  • Capture every billable event – maximize billing – bill calls from call log
  • Fax or email professional documents
  • Accept credit card payments in a secure environment
  • Send estimates from the job – follow ups are a snap using “call customer”
  • Send expense, mileage, call-log reports to your boss, a secretary or expense department.
  • Customer Website – provides reporting, secure back-up and restore and keeps records in one place – easy for you or a secretary to follow up on bills or sales quotes

More information about EzBillMaker in the BlackBerryCool Store.

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EzBillMaker for bills, quotes and expense reports now on App World



UPDATE: Sorry about that. The App World link said free but as the comments point out, it’s a 14 Day trial with a $7.95/month subscription.

EzBillMaker is a new free app on App World that lets users create bills, quotes, expense reports and timesheets. Once created, it delivers the fully-formatted documents to any fax or email. EzBillMaker also gives the user’s customer the option to pay their bill with a credit card in PayPal‚Äôs secure environment. User data is backed up on a secure server that also provides ad-hoc reporting and data export facilities.

For more information, check them out on App World.

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