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Professional conference call software for your BlackBerry


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If you’re anything like me, you spend at least an hour a day on a conference call to prepare your team for the next seven hours of conference calls you will be attending before you can call it a day. Fairly often I find myself getting a meeting request for some emergency in the middle of lunch or on the road away from my computer screen. This leads to switching back and forth between the phone app and my calendar/email trying to remember the pin code. Even if I’m sitting at my desk though, I find glancing between a screen and my keypad while “dialing in” to get old.
And then I found EZConCall from developer HandiTrack.
EZConCall integrates itself into the main menu in your calendar and email. All you have to do is set your curser over the number to dial, and hit the menu button.

After selecting EZConCall from the menu, you get the pop-up box that lets you either place the call by selecting your default profile, choose a different profile you’ve set up, or choose the code from anywhere else in the “Location” field.
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