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Canadian Government Now Able To Download Twitter and Facebook Apps



We have seen a dramatic increase over the past couple of years in government officials using social media to reach out to constituents. In Canada, MPs were not able to download the Twitter and Facebook applications, likely due to security concerns, but the House of Commons recently gave MPs and certain political staff the go-ahead to download Twitter and Facebook apps on government-issued BlackBerrys.
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Facebook for BlackBerry v1.9 with Friend Search Available in Beta Zone


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It’s sort of incredible how long it took for the Facebook app to get search functionality. One of the biggest complaints about the app was the inability to find friends or like pages, making it not a very mobile-friendly app. Today, Facebook for BlackBerry v1.9 is available in the beta zone and includes:

  • Dedicated Inbox – View your Facebook messages in one separate inbox or within your BlackBerry messages inbox. The app pre-fetches 30 of your existing messages, and will then continue to sync messages on your BlackBerry smartphone with your Facebook inbox.
  • Facebook Search – Search for individuals and pages, making it easy to find mutual friends, add friends and “like” pages. For BlackBerry 6 users, Universal Search will pull Facebook results too!
  • Enhanced Friends List and Page List – View Friends profile photos and pages in list form
  • Redesigned Navigation Bar – View your own profile and click on the Search and Message icons with the new navigation bar

You have to be a Beta Zone member to get access and there’s a limited number of spots. Find out more information at Inside BlackBerry.

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Facebook for BlackBerry Reaches 62M+ Monthly Active Users



Facebook is going increasingly mobile as a service and it recently announced that it has more than 150 million active mobile users. The mobile figures break down as follows:

The figures are a little strange as Apple said it has reached 100 million iOS devices shipped back in June and RIM has reported only 46 million BlackBerry subscribers as of the last quarterly conference call.

Now if only RIM would update the Facebook app to include at least a better friend search feature.

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Leaked Beta of Facebook Available for Download


UPDATE: Link broken. We’ll update if another becomes available.

Facebook for BlackBerry isn’t the best application out there but it’s certainly one of the most popular. When we last heard about Facebook 1.8, rumors had it that there would be the following features:

  • Faster load times
  • Video uploading
  • Replacing BIS-E notifications with BlackBerry Push APIs

Playing around with a leaked copy of version, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of “faster load times” and the video uploading isn’t available. Considering this is leaked software, it isn’t surprising but hopefully version 1.8 will come with more than just vague performance improvements.
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BlackBerry Cool Roundup for the Week of June 28th


It’s a bit of a slow week on BlackBerryCool due to the Canada Day and Independence Day long weekends but we have some cool apps and news nonetheless. From a news perspective, RIM soft announced a new feature to deal with corporate liable and employee liable devices. The soft announcement was incredibly vague and is likely hinting towards some BES feature that they weren’t ready to fully announce, but wanted to give everyone a heads up that they are on the case. Some other random rumors have hit the wire as well, including some specs about the upcoming LTE BlackBerry Storm3 and Facebook for BlackBerry 2.0 including Facebook Chat.

Now that your holiday is over, be sure to hit the jump and catch up on everything you missed!
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Facebook for BlackBerry 2.0 May Include Facebook Chat Feature


If you look around the Facebook for BlackBerry application permissions you’ll find that the application asks for permission to Login to Facebook Chat. We have seen the leaked features for upcoming versions of Facebook for BlackBerry and there was no mention of Facebook Chat, meaning this sort of feature is more likely to come with Facebook 2.0.

Ideally, RIM would begin to consolidate these chat services under one large IM application. Perhaps it would make sense to make them all integrated into BlackBerry Messenger allowing you to log in to any chat service you want and manage your contacts accordingly. The current system of having them all as separate apps is tedious and lacks creativity.

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