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Facebook for BlackBerry Should Be Built by Facebook Not RIM


Back in 2010 we posted an article called “Facebook for BlackBerry Not Refreshing – Worst App Ever?“. The article highlights some of the elements that make Facebook for BlackBerry such a bad app. After having brought this up countless times with some of the people at RIM, the real conclusion is that perhaps Facebook should never have been made by RIM.

Because the app is built by RIM, the company has to wait on Facebook releasing APIs that support critical features such as Event Management. Ideally, RIM wouldn’t have to wait on this and would be given source code under NDA, but this isn’t the case. Considering all the bad PR around RIM and the fact that the company is downsizing to buckle down for BlackBerry 10, it doesn’t look like the OS 5-7 version of Facebook for BlackBerry is going to get up to par with the iOS version any time soon.
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Beta Review: Facebook for BlackBerry 2.0


facebook version 2

Facebook for BlackBerry has gone version 2.0 and there are a lot of users are dying to get their hands on this update. For some reason the Blackberry platform seems to be one of the last to get any major update to the most popular apps and Facebook for BlackBerry is no exception. Without reservation I must say that finally RIM is giving their Facebook app some love with a totally overhauled Facebook 2.0 social media application.

What does this mean for Facebook for Blackberry users? There are great new features built into this application including a brand new look with a completely overhauled User Interface that looks pretty much like the Facebook App for the iPhone with icons placed in a smokey gray backgroud.
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Leaked Screenshots of Facebook for BlackBerry 2.0 with Chat, Pages and More


Facebook for BlackBerry has been in dire need of an update for some time now. Considering how many people use the app, it’s surprising that RIM doesn’t allocate far more development resources to the project. In some ways, the user’s experience in the app is tied to their opinion of the device, and can make or break a loyal customer.

With Facebook 2.0, we now see that the app comes with much more functionality. The updated version will include:
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