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How the #BeBold Campaign Should Have Concluded


The Internet went a little mad with rage when RIM put out its completely harmless #BeBold infographic that tried to group everyone’s personas into superhero characters. The campaign made a lot of sense when it started though. RIM’s social media team had the good idea of piggy-backing on the New Year Resolutions because a resolution is about getting something done – an area where BlackBerry excels. The problem is that when the infographic came out, it was completely blown out of proportion as though this were some new ad campaign. But we can think of one obvious way the marketing initiative could have been better – apps.
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Why can’t Rogers release the BlackBerry Bold? (Updated)


Rogers BlackBerry Bold FAIL Picture

UPDATE 2: Just got word from a Rogers store in Ottawa that they’ve now received two Bolds. Yep, two BlackBerry Bolds for launch day. We have no idea if more are coming in later through the day, but we recommend hustling to stores now just in case. Fly, my minions, fly!

UPDATE: While the Bold is now available for purchase via Roger’s online store, it’s unlikely you’ll actually be able to get one today from any brick-and-mortar location. Store employees, clearly tired of taking the brunt of this fiasco, are recommending that you try Best Buy. Jeepers.

Troubling news is coming from Rogers regarding the much-anticipated, highly-overpriced BlackBerry Bold. Today we received notification from our Rogers rep. that late Bold shipments have delayed a full release until the end of August. A quick call to local Rogers stores in our area confirmed that while sales information is in their system, they still have no devices in stock. This news, of course, comes a mere hours before the official launch date of August 21st that Rogers announced earlier this week. Compounding this delay is the fact that as of Sunday, August 17th, Rogers employees were still being told that the Bold would quietly drop on the 19th; upon arriving at work, employees were then informed of the new 21st launch date.

So what is the reason for the delays? Noted BlackBerry insider Jibi points to last-minute OS updates as the culprit, and mentions the 28th as a potential release date, falling in line with what we’ve heard. One would hope that Rogers is taking the time to consider their pricing plan for the Bold, but with Rogers salespeople telling us that the Bold is showing up in their system for $600 on a two year contract (!), I wouldn’t hold your breath.

So what’s the net result of all this confusion? The BlackBerry Bold, RIM’s newest flagship device, may or may not be in a Rogers store near you on the day of its official release. If it is there, you will have to pay far more than most would deem reasonable for it. In other words, FAIL.

Fido kills off BlackBerry Connect support, other carriers should follow suit


Fido Fail

One of saddest moments of each WES for me is walking by the BlackBerry Connect booth, seeing a lone RIM employee bored out of his skull next to three non-BlackBerry devices, and awkwardly trying to avoid eye contact so I don’t have to talk to him. But then I think they must have done something to deserve the posting, like giving secrets to Boy Genius, and I walk away feeling much better.

On June 3rd, Canadian carrier Fido killed off their BlackBerry Connect package for new subscribers. Apparently this was done due to the ‘introduction of new data products’, i.e. devices that don’t need BC anyways. Current Fido customers with this option on their account are allowed to keep it as a grandfathered feature. I wonder how long it will take other carriers to do the same?

(via BlackBerry Sync)