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Kuwait gets BlackBerry 8800


Kuwait Sick of flags yet? With the help of Emitac Mobile Solutions, who have been working with Jordan carrier Fastlink for awhile now, will be working with Mobile TeleSystems subsidiary Celtel to bring the BlackBerry 8800 to Kuwait. EMS will be using something called the BlackBerry Launch Programme to help MTS get rolling with sales. If Celtel ever ends up carrying the 8700, they might want to look into selling Otterboxes if customers are gonna be taking those things into the oil fields.

BlackBerry Pearl drops in Jordan


Flag of JordanAlthough it’s mostly been Curve releases as of late, any BlackBerrys breaking into untouched countries is good to know about. Jordan now has access to the BlackBerry 8100 via Fastlink, the country’s first wireless carrier. BlackBerry’s first inroads with Fastlink began back in February with the release of the 8700, after which the devices were very quick to catch on. As a result, Fastlink won RIM’s Award of Excellence back at the 3GSM World Congress 2007 in Barcelona for their rapid and efficient deployment. Business opportunities are starting to pick up over there, resulting in the demand for the handhelds – with any luck, the trend will continue and Fastlink will be able to carry more than two devices.