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About the BlackBerry FDN Phone List Feature


I was going through my BlackBerry settings today and I stumbled on a feature I’ve never used before called FDN Phone List (Fixed Dialing Number), located in Options > Phone Options > FDN Phone List.

The feature is an outgoing call blocking service native to your device. This seems like a useful feature for parents or companies that want to restrict the outgoing calls to either protect their kids, or keep bills under control.

To use the FDN Phone List feature, enable it by entering your PIN2 code. You have to call your service provider and get your code and once entered, you can add names and numbers to the list. Be careful though, you only have 5 attempts to get the code right and if you exceed this number, your device will lock and you’ll have to call your service provider again to get the master key. Hope this is of use to a BlackBerry user out there.