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75 Apps and Mobile Sites From the US Federal Government


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Federal Government Getting an Increase of Unsecure Devices on Network


Android Malware
Another Android hacked

A recent WaPo article talks about the growing shift from a single device (BlackBerry), to a multi-platform environment including iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The strange thing about the article is that the author barely touches on the subject of security, an issue that is becoming increasingly important in light of recent announcements that Lockheed Martin was hacked and the Pentagon said hacks could be an act of war.

While the WaPo likes to paint the picture as a massive shift in the way government is doing business, it seems the ways they’re actually implementing the use of these devices is pretty minimal. One such example was that the sign-in book at the reception desk was replaced with an iPad. Another example was showing video of an arrest to ATF employees with an iPad. These devices aren’t exactly transmitting highly sensitive data but do we trust employees using these devices to keep data safe?

Another question we should be asking ourselves is whether or not federal employees should even be able to use tax dollars on these devices just because of consumer hype. While many will claim that tablets increase productivity or the latest Android device has more processor power, allowing them to work faster, it’s probably just excuses to get the latest toy. There’s a reason governments shut out their devices from downloading apps and fooling around on the web: because it’s tax dollars and they have to be accountable for the time spent and security possibly compromised.

In fact, these new devices are actually impeding some federal employees from doing their jobs properly. For example, presidential recordkeeping:
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