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Interview with BlackBerry Beta Zone and App World Test Center Team


RIM is making a big push to get user feedback these days and while it’s necessary for all companies to collect feedback from their customers, it’s no use without implementation. OS 6 looks as though it was designed to deal with user frustrations that the BlackBerry menu and navigation needed to be more visual and user friendly. There are still plenty of ways BlackBerry could improve and hopefully the feedback app will zero-in on the highest priorities.

The official BlackBerry Blog sat down with the RIM beta team and asked plain and simple: “what have we learned so far about how BlackBerry smartphone users use our applications?” The answer highlights one of the problems with having a corporate blog, as the answers are very contrived. “Applications that make life easier, as well as social media applications to help people stay in touch with friends and family have been real drivers.” Ideally, RIM would talk specifics as to what they’ve learned about Twitter and Facebook, as they’ve probably collected some very interesting data about these applications. This is probably very difficult given RIM’s giant legal department overseeing the blog, but at least they’re pioneering a social media team, which is crucial if they’re building social media applications.

Check out the interview with the BlackBerry beta team on IBB (part 1).

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BlackBerry Beta Zone Launches Feedback Tool


The BlackBerry Beta Zone now has a feedback tool app that currently allows you to send feedback about the homescreen and “general feedback”. There isn’t much here but I’m sure after some time RIM will update the app to include more features and the ability to send feedback about more specific issues such as 1st party apps and hardware. The app seems to be modeled after RIM’s internal feedback tool, which allows RIM employees to send feedback about devices that aren’t yet out to market.

Hopefully RIM collects a lot of feedback from this application and they speed up their response time for common frustrations.

Also, for those who downloaded the app already, remember that there is no icon for this application. The feedback app appears at the top of the menu.

Register for the Beta Zone at blackberry.com/beta.

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Leave your feedback in the BlackBerry App World Test Center



You should now notice the BlackBerry App World Test Center category is now live and there are some free apps in it for you to try out.

The Test Center is a place where you can check out some apps in Beta, and leave your feedback on them. If you find any bugs or would like to request features, this is the place to do it. To leave feedback, just submit a review like you would any app in App World.

The latest addition to the Test Center is Role Call Reminder Lists. This app is just what it says: an app for setting reminders and taking notes. Let them know what you think.

Be sure to check out Inside BlackBerry’s post about the App World Test Center.

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