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Why Are Some Major Canadian Festivals Ignoring Its BlackBerry Fans?


There’s a trend we’ve noticed at festivals lately where BlackBerry support is being dropped. This hasn’t always been the case. For some festivals, there was a previous app and for the most recent year it’s completely absent. It’s not enough to say “well BlackBerry is on the downward swing in North America” because that doesn’t address the current market share. Many of these festivals have enourmous BlackBerry support. For example, Bluesfest happens in Ottawa, Canada, where there’s probably a larger BlackBerry userbase than iPhone. For some reason, the organizers of the festival have a misconception about BlackBerry and don’t feel like investing the resources. Why do we say it’s the organizers? Because the companies that make these apps have the resources and the developers to address the platform, so it seems the client isn’t requesting it (to their own detriment).

The Calgary Stampede is a great example of this. PurpleForge is the development company behind the Calgary Stampede iPhone app but there is no BlackBerry version available. It’s not like PurpleForge can’t do BlackBerry, its App World vendor account has 14 apps in App World, one of which is for the City of Calgary. The only explanation is that the client simply didn’t want it.
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Download the NXNE 2011 BlackBerry App for Schedules, News, Events and More


nxne blackberry app

NXNE is currently going down and there’s a BlackBerry and iPhone app available to keep track of the festival. For the Americans out there, NXNE is the Canadian version of SXSW. It’s a lot smaller than the American SXSW but it’s gaining more and more momentum over the years. Also, it’s a great opportunity to check out some great Canadian bands like Fucked Up. With the NXNE 2011 BlackBerry app, you can get listings and events based on categories such as Music, Interactive and Film. You can also check live Tweets that mention #nxne and customize your schedule. The app was developed by the stealthy developers over at The Mobile Cartel, who seem to be working on some cool stuff under the radar.

To download the NXNE 2011 app, simply point your BlackBerry browser to nxne.com/apps/bb/.

You can also read about the iPhone version here.

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