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BlackBerry MVS 5.2 Updated to Support BlackBerry 7.1 Devices


BlackBerry Mobile Voice System has been updated to support BlackBerry 7.1 devices. The update also supports more PBX systems and is now compatible with call recording infrastructure allowing professionals in the financial services sector to conduct business while away from their desk phone.
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Free Fantasy Day Trader App is Equity Entertainment


Fantasy Day Trader is an app by JAK Enterprises that puts you in the position of a pro trader. With all the features of a live trading app, it has live quotes from more than 175 exchanges, commodities, currencies, indexes and mutual funds.
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Dear Mint.com, Please Submit Your Android App to the PlayBook


The BlackBerry Developer team has been working hard to get Android developers to port their apps to the BlackBerry PlayBook. Recently, Mint.com released its Android tablet app and we think this is a great time for the company to submit the app to App World. This makes a lot of sense considering many users have had trouble accessing the Mint.com site from a PlayBook, and BlackBerry’s “get it done” crowd loves a good finance app.
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Yahoo! Launches App for Emerging Markets



Yahoo! laucnhed an app for consumers in emerging markets where lower-end devices are the point of entry for the Internet. The app lets users in these regions access Yahoo!’s services more easily and gives them access to mail, messenger, Flickr, Fantasy Sports and Finance, with fewer clicks. Features of the Yahoo! app include:

  • Once downloaded, it remains persistent on the device, making the full catalog of Yahoo! services easier to use and discover
  • Reduces need for typing long URL’s into the mobile browser
  • Surfaces Yahoo! services that consumers may not have known about
  • Makes it easier to discover snippets of interesting Yahoo! news, sports and financial information throughout the day by surfacing everything in one place

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Viigo Beta 8 ready for download – win a free BlackBerry


Viigo’s Beta 8 is primed and raring to hit your BlackBerry. Download the new version and access exciting new features including the ability to tweet articles with a single click, find movies playing in your city, a new Shopping service, and the capability to build and track your own portfolios in Stocks and Finance.

Viigo has made several enhancements in Tango 8
• Post interesting articles to Twitter with a single click
• Find movies that are playing in your city, or see what’s playing at a theatre near you.
• Use Quick Launch buttons to email an article to a friend or to yourself, Tweet an article of interest, Post To Del.ic.ious, view a full Article or open in a browser
• Access real time flight status in your Flights and Travel itinerary

New features in Stocks & Finance:
• Create your own portfolios that include the stocks or mutual funds of your choosing
• Each portfolio lists the ticker name, the price, the change and the percentage change
• Access depth details on trades including the volume of shares traded, the current bid/ask, time of last trade, market cap and much more

A Preview of Viigo Shopping:
• Viigo has partnered with Mobihand and Magmic (the Bplay store) to bring you the ability to purchase the latest mobile software, software accessories, games, themes and more
• Details on the product are available in just one click without ever leaving Viigo
• More partners and more stores will be unveiled shortly

Here is the download link again.


Gary Krakow to market: Don’t give up on RIM yet


An interesting video above from Gary Krakow and TheStreet.com, in the wake of RIM’s earning reductions and recent distaste for RIM’s latest device offerings. Krakow’s message for those following RIM’s stock? Chill out. RIM’s stumbles are a reflection of industry wide problems and a troubled economy. Although I had to cringe when Krakow and his compatriot brought up Palm as another industry company facing tough times. RIM doesn’t want to go anywhere near Palm country.

|via TheStreet|