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Dear BlackBerryCool: My Switch From iPhone to BlackBerry


We recently got an email from a reader that switched from iPhone to BlackBerry and loves the move. It’s a good story because it highlights the value that the BlackBerry form factor and platform bring to your daily life. Sure, the iPhone is an amazing device that has revolutionized mobile software, but it has yet to provide the same caliber of messaging and efficiency. Read the full story after the jump.
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Runtastic Fitness Portal App Updated And More Social


Runtastic is a freemium service that helps you become more fit by tracking your exercise routines over both the web and app. The runtastic app tracks many outdoor activities including jogging, nordic walking, hiking, skating and more. Click through to read more about this app.
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Gym Technik Updated with Better User Interface and Experience Improvements


Gym Technik

We haven’t mentioned Gym Technik on BBCool for some time now but since summer is upon us, we thought we would mention the latest updates to the app. Gym Technik is a great app for monitoring your workouts and getting the most out of your fitness routine. In the latest version of the app, new features include:

  • Streamlined user interface navigation
  • Improved account setup and management
  • Fix to exercise order discrepancy between web and BlackBerry app
  • Fix to workout edit function on the BlackBerry app
  • Better visual scaling of the body stats graph improving visibility of smaller fluctuations
  • New “Getting Started” guides
  • “Workouts” will appear as the app name, rather than “Gym Technik”

To download Gym Technik, head over to their site for an OTA link or check them out in App World. The company has also let us know that it will be rolling out more updates over the course of the summer so stay tuned.

Runtastic Fitness App Helps You Train with GPS Tracking and Fitness Diary


runtastic app

Runtastic is a new fitness app for BlackBerry that helps you get the most out of your exercise routine, by tracking your progress using GPS. The app logs your distance, provides you with visualizations about your routine, and lets you keep track of your progress with a training diary.
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Pocket Yoga: Get in Shape While on Summer Vacation


yoga instruction for blackberry

Are you going to be hitting the beach for summer vacation? There’s nothing better than yoga overlooking a sunset in a foreign country, thousands of miles from work. With Pocket Yoga, you can get yoga lessons without the need for an instructor or a book. The app has a nice UI to it and is preloaded with 60 minute exercises that will improve your strength, balance, posture and flexibility.

Other features include:

  • Traditional yoga poses sequencing with a Vinyasa flow.
  • View each Yoga Pose with a detailed text description of each pose along with its name, Physical and Mental Benefits.
  • Male voice along with sounds included

Pocket Yoga is available in the store for a reasonable $3.99 (currently on sale).
Check out other cool apps by the makers of Pocket Yoga, Collaber Solutions LLC.

Anywhere Abs 2: Core Edition with 6 New Exercises


Nickel Buddy has just launched a sequel to Anywhere Abs. The new workout routine is called “Anywhere Abs 2: Core Edition”. This sequel is similar to the first in that it’s a timed ab workout. The app features 6 all-new exercises for your core so you can get in shape this summer.

Other features include:

  • 3 levels of difficulty
  • No special equipment required
  • Countdown timer for each exercise

More information about Anywhere Abs 2: Core Edition in the store.