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Accomplish the 100 Pushup Challenge with a BlackBerry App


The Pushups app for BlackBerry is a training regiment to help you reach 100 pushups. The app gives you a graph and encouragement to reach 100 pushups in a six week time frame. With only 30 minutes per week, this app is going to help you get more fit and reach triple digit pushups.

One feature that is missing from this app is Twitter integration. Ideally, the app would tweet each time you reach a benchmark of pushups. Also, at $6.99 (currently on sale for $3.99) the app is a little on the pricey side.

More information available about Pushups in our store.

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Gym Technik Partner with WiThings Internet Connected Scale


Gym Technik have announced a partnership with the WiThings Internet connected scale, making their app compatible with the device and allowing a user to use the data in the Gym Technik NextGen app. The body stats are automatically sent from the WiThings scale to your BlackBerry and you receive an email summarizing your weigh-in stats. From within this email, you can click a link to launch the NextGen app and display your body stat graph.
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Gym Technik launch the NextGen Fitness App for the Storm



Gym Technik have launched the NextGen BlackBerry Fitness App for the Storm. The problem is, the app is only available for Storm users running OS 4.x and is not compatible with OS 5 or the Storm2.

If you haven’t used the app before, Gym Technik is an app to track your workout routines and optimize them. The app breaks down your workouts with graphs and analytics and gives you a better picture of what you’re doing.

More information about the NextGen Fitness App.

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Gym Technik for the BlackBerry Storm coming in two weeks


StormDataEntryWhen we posted about RoadRunnerGPS, a lot of BlackBerry Cool readers recommended using Gym Technik for weight training. At first, this app was a web-based client but a few weeks ago they went native, which really helps if your gym is in a basement.

Gym Technik will be launching their popular fitness tracking app for the BlackBerry Storm in two weeks. To find out when Gym Technik for the Storm goes live, you can register at their site.

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RoadRunnerGPS Fitness Tracking for BlackBerry with Giveaways



RoadRunnerGPS is a feature rich app for fitness enthusiasts. The app uses GPS features to provide feedback for joggers and walkers on their time, speed, distance, pace and calories.

Once you have finished your run, you can upload the data to Kanavon’s servers where you can review the data and get a variety of metrics and statistics about your workout.

We’re giving away 25 copies of this app, so just comment and let us know what other fitness apps you have tried for BlackBerry.

There is more information about RoadRunnerGPS on their site, as well as in the App World webstore.

Update: Thanks everyone for participating! The 25 winners have been selected and will receive an email shortly.

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Fitness and diet monitoring and tracking with your BlackBerry



I decided I should probably try to get my blood pressure under control. My Doctor hooked me up with a dietician and she has me keeping track of my calorie intake and my exercise habits. At first I thought, piece of cake, I’ll just write down everything in a notebook. After the first 3 weeks I lost my notebook. I got another notebook, but it’s just too tedious to keep up with. After a little deductive reasoning, the next best solution would be to use my Blackberry device as my journal, as I never lose track of it, knock on wood. After going through what was available online I decided on Ascendo Fitness. My first impression is I like what I see so far.
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