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Fixmo Launches Windows Tethering App Fixmo Extend



Fixmo Extend has launched and it’s now available for purchase. The app is a tethering solution for Windows that is looking to focus on adding “dozens” of features as well as a smooth user experience, ease of connectivity and speed. Fixmo has a tiered pricing system that includes a free version that offers 50MBs of tether data each and every month. For heavier users, Fixmo is offering unlimited data for $14.99. Additionally, for users that participated in the Beta, they will receive a Mobihand coupon code by email which will give beta users nearly 50% the regular price, bringing the price to only $7.99. This is for a full version tether product, for unlimited data.
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Fixmo Launches Fixmo Extend Tethering Solution in Free Beta


fixmo extend

Fixmo has launched a tethering product called Fixmo Extend that is currently in free beta. Just like other tethering solutions, all you have to do is download the app on your device and the executable on your PC and you’re good to go. Features of Fixmo Extend include:

  • A brilliantly intuitive user interface
  • Handy charts and metrics help you monitor your data usage
  • A simple download of mobile and desktop applications gets you connected quickly
  • Beta includes 1000MBs of free data each month

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