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Adobe offers free Flash license for mobile development


The Flash logoAdobe has announced the launch of the Open Screen Project with support from notables like Nokia, Samsung, Intel, and NBC, amongst others. The Open Screen Project hopes to make the mobile internet experience better by giving away Flash for mobile device development, as well as opening up some of the protocols used in the software. The aim is to give developers a standard environment to develop for, rather than having to build, in some cases, over a hundred different versions to run across as wide an array of devices as possible. Flash is becoming more and more prevalent on mobile phones, with Adobe expecting it to ship on over a billion devices by 2009, so this very good news for the industry as a whole.

Mobile version of Flash released


AdobeAdobe announced yesterday that its new Flash Lite 3 would be able to be viewed on mobile browsers, should manufacturers, operators and content providers be interested in supporting the format. Early adopters NTT DoCoMo and Nokia are already on board. This would not only open up mobile browsing from being solely text-based, but could also support online video players and games. You won’t be finding BlackBerry on Adobe’s supported handsets list just yet, but given RIM’s ongoing consumer push, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect to see Flash Lite support in a certain new device. It’s not like we haven’t heard rumors of RIM including Flash on a BlackBerry before.

BlackBerry to beat iPhone to Flash?


iPhoneWhile RIM hasn’t implemented it yet, we can say with some certainty that Flash support is coming through the pipes for BlackBerrys. Rumor has it that iPhone won’t be carrying Flash support any time soon, though. A lot of you have probably seen the commercials by now with the iPhone touting the “real” internet. I don’t know what internet you guys are on, but mine has Flash and a lot of it. Sure, BlackBerry doesn’t have it right now, but I would rather keep my mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt; RIM hasn’t been bragging about bringing Flash to the table, but might have it coming anyway, while Apple’s been harping on something they don’t really have yet.

RIM developing Flash support


the flash logoEven though our boy Jibi is out of town this week, he’s still holding it down for the BlackBerry faithful. First he breaks news on the new Pearl family RIM wants us to welcome into our homes, and now he’s letting us know that RIM is working on Flash support. Here’s what Jibi had to say:

In the httpcontenttranscoderslist.xml file, found in the MDS 4.1.2 simulator’s config directory, I happened upon some code that has been commented out. This code leads me to believe that Flash support is in development by RIM. When that’ll happen has to be anyone’s guess, but this could potentially be quite huge, especially with the ever-increasing loss of interest in the SVG format.

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