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Free aSecret App Gives You Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks All in One



We’ve recently been talking with Thumb Arcade because they’ve got some upcoming PlayBook news for CES and we stumbled on their free app aSecret. The app gives you shortcuts, tips and tricks that will save you time and money spent on apps that do the same thing. This free app has the following features:

  • One-click flashlight (similar app costs $2.99!)
  • Reboot – no more battery pulls (similar app costs $2.99!)
  • Reclaim cluttered memory (similar app costs $7.99!)
  • Email signature tricks for the super social
  • Switch between apps
  • Multi-language shortcuts
  • And so many more! (Includes secrets from several top paid apps! Sorry guys.)

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Light application Ever Light for BlackBerry


ever light

Ever Light is a new torch application for your BlackBerry. There are already a ton of torch applications out there on the market, and each one has a different set of functions.

Ever Light’s features include:

  • Keep the light running indefinitely.
  • Activate LED light at the same time; LED color will change according to your choice.
  • Mirror function which uses a black background.
  • Flashing function for SOS emergencies.
  • Soft Yellow light function.
  • Colorful lights for fun.

Ever Light is compatible with the BlackBerry 83xx, 9000 Bold, 95xx Storm and all other BlackBerry models.

Purchase Ever Light for your BlackBerry for $4.99.