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Free Smarter Wallpaper App Delivers Wallpaper Slideshow on BlackBerry


Smarter Wallpaper is a free application by Smarter Apps that allows BlackBerry users to set up a customizable rotation of wallpaper images. Users choose the series of images including custom folders to change automatically as frequently as every minute.

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Flickr Uploader for BlackBerry Discontinued as of March 1st


“Congratulations! Getting canceled”

It looks like RIM will be discontinuing the Flickr Uploader for BlackBerry. The app would let you upload images from your BlackBerry to a Flickr account, and it was really helpful for those Flickr power users. The discontinuation of the app could provide opportunities for third party developers to use Flickr’s API to make their own app. Click through after the jump to read the notice.
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Create and Share Picture Albums on Picassa with bbCasa for BlackBerry


A long time ago, back in 2008, there was an official Picasa app for BlackBerry and it was very short lived. The app looked really good but rumor had it that there were technical difficulties and the Flickr app was going to replace it as the official BlackBerry picture app. Bul System let us know that they have a Picasa app available called bbCasa which could be a good alternative for Picasa users. The app features:

  • View all your Picasa Web Albums
  • Share your Picasa Web Albums and Photos
  • View info about Photos and Albums
  • View and post Comments
  • Create Albums and Upload Photos
  • Your photos + photos of your friends

There are a lot of apps out there that allow you to post pictures to Picasa, but being able to view info and post comments is a nice addition. Check out bbCasa in the store, currently being sold for $2.99.

WES 2010 Pictures Trending on Twitter With Crowdreel


Crowdreel is a great way to see what’s trending photo-wise on Twitter. With hundreds of photos uploaded every minute to Twitter, Crowdreel gives you real-time access to these images and lets you search, share and explore them. It’s always great to see when BlackBerry trends on Twitter and right now WES 2010 pics are trending! Right now Crowreel is powered by twitter, twitpic, yfrog, TweetPhoto, twitgoo, mobypicture and Flickr, so be sure to share your WES pics on one of these services to get discovered.

Check out WES 2010 on Crowdreel.

Thoughts on the iPhone OS 4 Launch: Data Crunch and False Multitasking


Yesterday, Apple announced their OS 4 for the iPhone. We wrote about the upcoming news a couple days ago, and both BlackBerry and iPhone users alike were all over the comments with their two cents. Regardless of what you may think of the iPhone vs BlackBerry debate, it’s clear that smartphone users are very passionate about their devices. So now that we’re out of the rumor mill, I thought I would put together some thoughts on the iPhone’s OS 4 announcements, and put them in a broader context of how they compare to BlackBerry.

It’s important to note that everything that was announced yesterday won’t be available until the summer, and it will only work with the iPhone 3GS and 3rd generation iPod Touch.
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Beta Review: SocialScope Version with Foursquare and Flickr Integration


SocialScope is still very much in private beta but their app has continues to grow and get updated. The latest version has a very clean UI with additional social networks and features. It’s not clear why the company has chosen to keep the app hidden from the public, but I’m sure there are advantages to keeping a small beta testing group until the product is totally polished. Lets take a look at where the app is now and what can be improved.

SocialScope is building itself as a hub for social networks. Currently, you can add multiple Twitter accounts, a Facebook feed, a Foursquare feed and a Flickr account. The SocialScope feed is the amalgamation of all of these accounts in one feed. After adding several accounts, the feed gets a little hectic, and I can only imagine how cluttered it would get if you have thousands of Twitter accounts followed.
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