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Flowfinity launches Flowfinity Actions 5.5 (BlackBerry Bytes)


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Flowfinity, a wireless enterprise solutions provider, announced today the launch of Flowfinity Actions 5.5, the latest version of their wireless application workflow platform. Flowfinity Actions provides point-and-click customization of enterprise applications, and version 5.5 includes such features as picture storage, search and retrieval and built-in camera integration.

Flowfinity Actions 5.5 Press Release

WES 08 Hangover Week: Flowfinity announces picture support


FlowfinityIn the spirit of WES 08 Hangover Week, we’re going to start running down all the releases that happened at WES that we were way too busy to cover. The first in a long list, is Flowfinity’s announced upgrade to 5.5 in Q3, which will include support for attaching pictures to their task management system. Lots of BlackBerrys have cameras now, and believe it or not, they can be used for work as well as play. It wasn’t long ago that they announced GPS support, which will likely mesh nicely with photos. In fact, I think one of the Innovation Awards winners at WES won for being able to geotag photos of graffiti and assign clean-up personnel to the location… Sounds very much like something Flowfinity will be able to pull off.

Flowfinity geotags data


FlowfinityFlowfinity Actions has recently been upgraded to version 5.1 which includes GPS support. 5.1 offers all the same work order, project, asset, sales, and compliance management of the old version, only now the information sent from handheld to home base can include geographical information. Dubbed geo-compliance, this system allows administrators to make sure tasks aren’t only completed to the letter and on time, but that they’re done at the right place. For more information, head on over here.