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Recipe Box for BlackBerry 10 and the PlayBook Tablet Looks Delicious


President’s Choice Recipe Box is app made by Canadian grocery chain Loblaws. Famous for developing a strong store brand that is recognized as surpassing the quality of their brand-name counterparts, their app is chalk-full of mouth-watering meal suggestions.
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S4BB Launches Magazine Line on BlackBerry Playbook


S4BB Limited has launched a new line of subscription-based magazine for BlackBerry PlayBook. The series consists of 24 different magazines, varying from sports to animals, psychology or food & cooking.
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Foursquare Demos NFC Checkins at BlackBerry World


Last week at BlackBerry World 2012, Foursquare launched NFC checkins for their city discovery app. This will allow checkins via Foursquare-configured NFC tags as well as share venue and tip data simply by tapping devices together. Here’s a video demo of how it all works.
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Free City Guide App MyCityWay Announces BlackBerry 10 Support


The MyCityWay app gives business travelers and city dwellers alike the ultimate urban reference guide app. Whether you are looking for local news, transit updates, cheapest gas prices, the hottest sales, restaurant deals, movie tickets or just the closest free Wi-Fi spot to get some work done, the MyCityWay Snapshot immediately scouts the scene and finds it for you.
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Free Foodspotting App for BlackBerry Now Available for Download


Foodspotting is a pretty cool service that capitalizes on the “foodie” movement. Foodspotting is a community of people who are taking pics of the food they’re eating and contributing to a new form of food discovery. Looking for something good to eat around you? It’s great to see a picture of the food and let the people eating it make up your mind for you. No more complaining that the pic on the menu is different than what’s on your plate.
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Food Recommendation App Tasterous Launches for BlackBerry


Ever since phones got cameras in them, people have been proudly snapping photos of the food they’ve made or take pictures of their wonderfully plated restaurant orders before digging in. Enter Tasterous, a food sharing and discovery app that has all the features you need to manage your culinary micro-blog.

Based out of Indonesia, Tasterous utilizes the Foursquare API’s venue data to manage checkins. After checking in, users upload photos of dishes that are counted as “tastings”. Posting tastings give you points as well invites comments from your followers.

Originally called Cicipi (that’s taste in Indonesian), they’ve adopted the name Tasterous for their worldwide launch. Download Tasterous for BlackBerry, and start adding friends with good taste.

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