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Official MyBlackBerry forum and community registration now available



You can now register for the MyBlackBerry forums and community. There isn’t much there at the moment, but it is the summer and things tend to be a little slow around this time of year. Hopefully things will pick up in the fall when more devices are launched and the community gets a boost.

Also, many users are saying they are having trouble getting in with Google Chrome, so if you’re getting errors, try changing browsers.

MyBlackBerry not available but join the discussion anyways



While RIM assured us that MyBlackBerry would be available to the public this week, it still requires an invitation key. I’ve seen many people on Twitter asking to get an invite, so I thought I’d let you know what’s going on in the community, so you don’t feel left out.

As you may know, the focus of MyBlackBerry is around the forum discussions. The forum is divided into 3 categories: Applications, Tips and Tricks and General. Keep in mind, this is still very much in an early development phase and so the user base is small and the conversations are fairly bland.
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Official BlackBerry social network and forums MyBlackBerry UPDATE



UPDATE: Sorry folks, it turns out RIM actually hasn’t made it public even though a notice went out saying it was live at midnight. I’ll keep you posted.

RIM seems to be rolling out a full social networking plan. First, they launch their official blog, and now they have a forum and social network called MyBlackBerry.

The site is in a beta stage and the community is still relatively small, but RIM has an opportunity to grow it into something really big. I’m not sure if it’s possible, but if RIM could leverage the carriers’ help, they could message North American BlackBerry users and instantly make it the biggest BlackBerry social network out there.

While forums are already present in the space, and we already have some great BlackBerry blogs (ahem), the industry still lacks a social network with the numbers to make it what we want. A social network of millions of BlackBerry users, all exchanging BlackBerry related news and information, would be great for the industry.

Check out MyBlackBerry and make a profile.

Official support forums launched


BBLogoThere are a lot of great forums out there, but now there’s official one where you can get help for any BlackBerry problems you might be having. The question has been raised if these forums are really necessary given the number of existing quality communities out there, as well as why they weren’t introduced earlier. Arguably, this would be a good venue for some direct contact with RIM, but apparently only community management staff will be allowed to post. A niche as a troubleshooting forum sounds alright, but other communities already do plenty of that. What do you think, guys? Do we really need another BlackBerry forum, regardless of whether or not it has the shiny RIM seal of approval?