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Foursquare 3.0 Gets Official – Download it Now



Foursquare for BlackBerry is now officially 3.0 and it features an overhauled UI and deals from LivingSocial, Gilt City, BuyWithMe, YP.com, and zozi. The app also now has a full leaderboard to see what your friends are doing and the next update will include BBM integration.

The problem with Foursquare has always been that the effort required to checkin somewhere never really had any significant reward. Sure, you could tell your friends where you are, but if they’re really your friends they probably know. You also might get some reward from telling your Twitter and Facebook followers where you are, but they actually don’t care. There is nothing worse than seeing someone in your Twitter stream checkin to some errand they’re running as though anyone actually cares about the minutia in their day.
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Foursquare for BlackBerry Updated with AMEX Special Support


foursquare amex special
Screenshot of iOS example

Foursquare let us know that they’ve updated the BlackBerry app to include support for AmEX specials. The AmEX specials include deals such as “spend at least $5 at a local merchant in Austin, and get a $5 savings applied directly to your monthly statement.” To set up your Foursquare account for AmEX specials, do the following:

  • link your AmEx and foursquare accounts (you can do it here);
  • check in at a participating store and tap ‘load to card’ on the Special; and,
  • pay with your AmEx card.

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Another Demo of Wikitude Augmented Reality App for BlackBerry


YouTube link

The BlackBerry Bold Touch was a pretty cool smartphone that we got our hands on back at BlackBerry World. It was nice how the light device fits into your pocket and you almost forget that it’s even there. With a built-in-compass (magnetometer) that supports location-based services and augmented reality, the device looks like it will be a decent stepping stone until the following year when the QNX smartphones come out. From the demo, we see the app’s ability to bring up information from a variety of sources including BBM and Foursquare, and bring them on a map or into the Augmented Reality view in the camera. It’s too bad that you can only see your current BBM contacts in the Augmented Reality view though. It would have been really cool to see other BBM contacts who at least also have Wikitude.

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5 Must-Have Applications for Your BlackBerry PlayBook


playbook favorites

The PlayBook is coming along nicely. Lately, we’ve seen an upgrade to the Facebook application, as well as support for in-app purchases and charging improvements. The major updates that the general public are waiting for, such as local PIM applications, should be coming sometime this summer, and we think it’s really going to improve the overall PlayBook experience. As cool as the Bridge idea is, it’s sort of a pain to constantly connect your BlackBerry, and the Bridge Browser is pretty shoddy. For those of you who have a PlayBook, here are some apps we think you must have on your tablet (in no particular order):

1. Blaq – If you’re looking for a solid Twitter client for the PlayBook, we recommend Blaq. The app is a fun tablet experience because it’s a full featured Twitter client that takes advantage of the larger screen. Instead of having to click links and head to the browser, you can preview link content from within the Blaq application. Blaq also comes at a more than reasonable price of $1.99. Grab your copy of Blaq from App World.

2. GeeReader – While the BlackBerry News app is a great app, the fact that it doesn’t come with Google Reader sync makes it a dead-in-the-water product. Avid online readers have spent years cultivating their Google Reader feeds and it’s great to see a free app that syncs with your Reader account. The GeeReader app is fast, easy to setup, and will import hundreds of feeds nearly instantly. Grab GeeReader for FREE in App World.
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Foursquare for BlackBerry Updated with Minor Fixes


foursquare for blackberry update

Foursquare let us know that they’ve updated the app with some minor fixes that should help anyone who’s experiencing issues with the app. Specifically, some users have reported that their foursquare app has stopped working (being unable to make requests, like loading venues). This update officially resolves this issue. Additionally they made a couple small fixes along the way.

The download is available at foursquare.com/blackberry/beta.

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Foursquare for BlackBerry Gets Updated: Lots of Tweaks but No BBM Integration Yet


foursquare BBM Social
Above is Foursquare with BBM. Not yet but hopefully soon.

When we saw Foursquare back at BBWC, we saw the app with BBM integration and it looked pretty sweet. Apparently, it only took a couple days for them to implement since one of the developers already had experience with the BBM platform. We’re looking forward to when that version of the app gets released and in the meantime there’s an Alpha update with lots of small tweaks and the addition of Specials 2.0.

We’re not exactly sure what Specials 2.0 is, but it’s probably something like what Foursquare implemented with version 3.0 of the Android app. This version of specials gives more options to vendors, and opens the doors to new deals such as Flash Specials. Flash Specials are the typical door buster deals – to the first people who arrive after a certain time. More about the new specials at the Foursquare blog.

In this latest version of Foursquare for BlacKBerry, you’ll find:
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