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5 Cool Instances of BBM Integration in BlackBerry Apps


foursquare BBM Social

BlackBerry Messenger is a really powerful platform. It’s also incredibly disruptive when you consider that 100 billion BBM messages are sent each month. Consider how the carrier must view that. BBM is taking 100 billion messages away from the carriers that would have otherwise been done over SMS. We’ve been talking about the BBM Social Platform a lot lately because it’s a natural progression of BBM to bring more users together and bring apps into the fold. Here are 5 companies and apps doing cool stuff with the BBM Social Platform:
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RIM Demonstrates Foursquare BBM Social Platform Integration


This video demonstration shows an ideal use case for apps integrating into BlackBerry Messenger.

The integration of the BBM in BlackBerry apps is really compelling and what better way to show it off than in this slick Foursquare implementation. Since the release of the SDK this April developers have been working towards adding these features into their apps so that they can enjoy the benefits of contextual sharing, messaging, access to contacts, location and in-app chat.
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Food Recommendation App Tasterous Launches for BlackBerry


Ever since phones got cameras in them, people have been proudly snapping photos of the food they’ve made or take pictures of their wonderfully plated restaurant orders before digging in. Enter Tasterous, a food sharing and discovery app that has all the features you need to manage your culinary micro-blog.

Based out of Indonesia, Tasterous utilizes the Foursquare API’s venue data to manage checkins. After checking in, users upload photos of dishes that are counted as “tastings”. Posting tastings give you points as well invites comments from your followers.

Originally called Cicipi (that’s taste in Indonesian), they’ve adopted the name Tasterous for their worldwide launch. Download Tasterous for BlackBerry, and start adding friends with good taste.

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Developers: Should You Support Anything Lower Than OS 5?


blackberry OS

It seems RIM doesn’t want developers making apps for anything before OS 5. With OS 5, developers can take advantage of the newer APIs that make for more elegant and engaging applications. As pointed out by Ebscer, RIM likes to point out that 90% of paid applications were downloaded by users running OS 5.0 or higher, and therefore there is really no reason to have your app running on any OS lower than 5.0. There is also a bit of a hidden agenda in telling this to developers, as RIM is trying to shed the notion that there’s fragmentation in the platform.

But should you follow and forget about old OS versions? There are still a few developers who choose to make their apps available for OS 4.5 and 4.6. Take Foursquare for example – the Foursquare app runs on devices as old as the 8700 and 8100. Ebscer on the other hand says he’s moving on and recent applications only run on OS 5.0+.

I recently got out of a meeting where we talked about what browsers to optimize for on our site. Our site gets most of its traffic from browsers with a Safari user agent, which could mean OS 6 devices as well as Mac, iPhone and Android. But there is also a heavy amount of traffic from older devices going as far back as the 8330. This got me thinking that while the vast majority of paid applications come from OS 5 devices, free apps and websites probably need to consider much older operating systems. If selling an app and making revenue is your primary goal, then consider only OS 5 and above. If building a user base and gaining critical mass is your objective, then consider older OS versions.

Do you have an app or a website? What OS versions do you take into consideration?

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BlackBerry Event Tops Largest Number of 4SQ Checkins in Indonesia


blackberry indonesia
Check out “The Official Live & Rockin’ Venue” on 4SQ

We’ve written a few times here on BlackBerryCool about Indonesia because the country is fascinating from a web and mobile uptake perspective. Recently, RIM helped made Foursquare history in Indonesia, a country known for its intense badge collecting, during a BlackBerry sponsored concert in Jakarta. With a record 31548 checkins and 19216 people, “The Official Live & Rockin’ Venue” was likely 100% powered by BlackBerry (still need confirmation). This means that a single, one day Indonesian event registered around 20% of the total checkins registered at the Austin Convention Center which hosts SXSW, where Foursquare was debuted.

I’ve reached out to Foursquare for comment and we’ll update with anything they may provide.

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Foursquare Updated and Paving the Way for 3.0 Features



Foursquare has been updated to version 1.9.85 and you can grab it from App World or OTA. The latest update brings some improvements but it’s largely paving the way for a massive version 3.0 upgrade which we can expect in the coming weeks (we’ll have a preview for you).

Foursquare for iPhone has already gone version 3.0 and it brings features such as:

New Recommendation Engine – Through the use of an Explore tab, users can query for recommendations on nightlife, food, arts and entertainment.
More Points – In version 3.0, we have seen points make a comeback with more than 30 different triggers for points, as well a more friends-focused leaderboard.
New Merchant Features – Merchants have access to Check-in spcials, Friend Specials, Flash Specials, Swarm Specials, Newbie Specials, Mayor Specials and Loyalty Specials.
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