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Testing iPhone Deployments in Your Company? Better Not Lose Them!


Lost iPhone? – Lost passwords!

There have been several stories circulating the web about major banks, financial institutions and large corporations testing iPhone deployments, but are they secure? A German engineering firm Fraunhofer posted a video that shows how an iPhone, running the latest firmware can be easily hacked, giving the hacker access to WiFi networks, saved website logins and anything stored in the keychain file. Could this German company do the same with a password protected BlackBerry? Doubtful.

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Fraunhofer Institute SIT Certifies BlackBerry Enterprise Solution


Press Release

The Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology of Germany and RIM today announced the successful completion of an in-depth security analysis performed by Fraunhofer Institute SIT of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution for mobile email and data push-services. Fraunhofer Institute SIT confirms the high quality of the security architecture of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution and the strong data protection services it provides.

Based on the results, the Fraunhofer Institute SIT project team has issued a security certification of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution for Microsoft Exchange. The certificate is based on the functionality, configuration and installation described in certification report 06-104302, which is available at www.sit.fraunhofer.de/testlab/certificates. Fraunhofer Institute SIT also confirmed that no hidden functionality or backdoors were found and that RIM and other third parties do not have access to data within the solution. The Fraunhofer Institute SIT certificate is valid until December 2010.

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